Wednesday, October 31, 2012

halloween happenings

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year!  I love the decor, I love dressing up, I love to eat candy, carve pumpkins, it's such a fun time.  This year we decided to dress up as Ron Burgundy & Veronica Corningstone from Anchorman.  It was a hit & we looked pretty awesome.  Joe wore a suit of his dad's from back in the 70's so it was authentic.  We go to a house party every year & always have such a blast.  Our friends are all pretty creative with their costumes too.  

This was the first year that we dressed up as a couple, we have never dressed alike or even in the same theme.  Last year I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz & Joe was Popeye.  (I didn't think Olive Oil's costume would be fun). 

Sunday we laid around all day & recovered from the party & watched scary movies. We took a quick run out to Boggio's for pumpkins to carve since I want to keep my smaller decorative ones through Thanksgiving.  We didn't carve them until Monday (slackers!).  I would've like to have done them Sunday, but it just wasn't happening.  Joe went with a traditional face & I decided to represent Ridley with an "R" turned out pretty cute.  

our pumpkins!  Joe went traditional, I went with our initial <3

watchin Nightmare Before Christmas passing out candy, representin' in black & orange

yummy cupcakes made by a co-worker (ate 1.5 million grams of sugar today)

In baby-making business, I'm in the process of a blood test to make sure all my levels are good.  I went at 6 AM on Thursday, they took nine different viles of blood which scared me.  I've never given that much blood before, I was worried I was going to pass out, but I actually felt fine, & made it to work without falling asleep at the wheel!  Hopefully some good news will come out of the testing.

I've also got some exciting stuff happening at work, I have yet to say much about what it is until it's more set in stone, but it will be a huge, but exciting, challenging, & great change for me.  Fingers crossed!  (I feel like I've had my fingers crossed about something for months now with no luck!) 

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