Friday, February 28, 2014

Five on Friday

One.  Some Unexpected News
I went in on Tuesday for a beta test since AF hadn't showed.  She called back on Wednesday and told me I had actually just ovulated… God is my body confused!  Now I have to wait another 2 weeks, AF should show up by March 11th (hopefully before!) then we can start the IUI process over again.  I've said it once and I’ll say it again, this waiting is the worst!  If AF doesn't show then they will induce it with progesterone.  Another two weeks isn't really putting us any farther than we originally thought, but I’m ready to move forward!  We decided if this IUI does not work then we will be considering IVF more seriously.  There is a slight chance that we could get pregnant on our own this round too, but I'm not holding my breath for that!

Two. Baby Shower Fun
Jen’s baby shower turned out to be so much fun.  We got to tour her newly renovated home, check out that absolutely adorable growing belly of hers (usually it’s covered by a smock when I see her!), and enjoy some great food & some good laughs.  She wanted it to be more of an open house where she just opened presents as people came & didn’t have to sit in front of everyone and open things, well, it didn’t turn out that way and she ended up front and center with an audience.  She was less than amused.  She pretty much made Maddie (her step daughter) open everything for her and me clean up her mess, but I was happy to do it for her.  She can’t bend as easily anymore!  It was great to spend some time with my favorite ladies.

Three. Winter Continues           
Yep, it’s still here.  We have snow forecasted for Saturday and Sunday.  It’s still in the single digit temps, and next week we are only looking at the teens!  Spring, where are you already!?  I’ve absolutely had it with this winter!
real sick!

 Four. A quiet week and weekend
This week was pretty uneventful & it looks like this weekend is going to shape up to be the same.  I think a trip to Home Depot to do some price comparing is definitely in order.  Maybe some book reading, possibly some shopping.  Like I said, we have snow forecasted so there won’t be much to do! 

this is my forecasted weekend

Five. House planning continues
First and foremost, we got our settlement on Thursday so now are 100% committed to the house. We knew what we were getting, we were just waiting for the actual checks. Now we can truly move forward with our plans & close that chapter of our lives!! We had our plumber come by the house this week to give us an estimate which we were very happy with. We've gotten some other bids back and realized that we really need to do as much “shopping around” as possible.  There are so many ways to save money, although it’s not as convenient as getting everything from one place, there are definitely cost advantages of looking at other options.  There are a few things that we’re pretty dead set on paying a little more for, one being the lumber, fireplace, front door, & possibly kitchen cabinets.  We still haven’t gotten an estimate on that yet, I’m sure it will be pricey, but the kitchen is one place I won’t skimp.
more kitchen inspiration

Monday, February 24, 2014

Warm Weather Wear

I don't often do any posts about fashion, but Spring really is just around the corner & I'm loving everything that is coming out so far!  Even though the temps are still cold and we still have left over snow on the ground.  Warm weather is inevitable and it’s well on its way and I can’t wait.  I've gotten a few fun pieces already & I have a few on my wishlist...OK, who am I kidding, I have a ton on my wishlist!

I got this adorable mint ombre sweater from CNJ Style the past week.  It’s a high-low cut & it’s a great transition piece for the upcoming months.  Mint became really big last year & I'm glad that it continues to be a prominent shade in the world of fashion!

Aztec print has been in for a while and I’m really happy its popularity has stuck around because I’m still obsessed with it.  I love the fabric of this racer back tank & I love the navy, mint, & coral color combo.  

loved both of these tops so much, but the coral was out of my size! Darn!

I feel like one can never have too many maxi dresses and skirts. They're comfortable and versatile.  I wear mine to work a lot with a denim jacket or denim vest.  They will also be a absolutely necessary when I'm pregnant this summer!  (yes, I will be pregnant this summer!)  Loving this colorful stripped maxi from Target.

of course I went to Target for a shower card & ended up spending $60

Speaking of denim vests... definitely loving this one from The Buckle.  A little added bling makes it a little more fun! 

Shoes are something that I always struggle with in the Spring.  There aren't a lot of styles that I really like as far as flats go, but I'm LOVING these adorable mint loafers from Target.  Of course mint isn't the most practical for an everyday work shoe so I'll probably end up with the tan, but isn't the mint just divine? 
I love the statement you can make with the right handbag and Spring is the perfect time for a bright and bold pop of color!  This royal blue Croc Satchel would surly make a statement!  Gorg!

And of course, one of my all time favorite accessories, nail polish!  The OPI Brazil collection is so colorful, I can't wait to be able to show my toes!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday

One.  The job.
What a relief it turned out to be that I was not chosen for the job.  At the end of the day Tuesday my supervisor sat down in my office and we talked about the email I had sent him.  He had no idea that I would lose that coverage, but he said regardless of that & my email, I would not be the candidate selected.  The person who he has selected has more experience and lives in the Peoria area.  He did say that he knows that I am more than ready for a management position and that my opportunity will come, it's just not the best time right now.  I agreed with him and explained that between the loss of coverage and the amount of travel, I was certain I would have to turn it down.  I am not upset at all, but thankful that I was able to test, (so now I'll never have to again!) and I got an interview under my belt which is always good practice.  Feeling  much less stressed & overwhelmingly relieved!

My friend Kari makes the bomb-diggity, handmade jewelry.  She is super talented.  I love her unique style. She has pieces you'll never see anywhere else.  She custom made me a gorgeous necklace & I can't wait til it warms up a bit so I can wear it!!  It really is a statement necklace that will surly be the focal point of any outfit.  I envision it paired with a white cami & skinnies.  You can visit her Etsy shop to check out her pieces and contact her about a customer order of your own!  

Three.  Baby Shower Weekend.
This weekend is going to be filled with best friends & babies.  Friday night my bestie Jodie and her daughter Jocelyn come home from Indy.  We're doing pizza at her moms house and I can't wait to hang out and catch up.  Her moms house is one of my favorite places to visit, she's been in my life for 23 years so I love getting the chance to catch up with her.  Her and I will be drinking wine, but Jodie won't be partaking since she announced she is expecting baby #3!  Her son and daughter almost 8 & 7 so they'll have a brand new baby sibling!!  We will be celebrating my other friend Jen's baby this weekend with her shower/open house.  My mom, Jodie, Jessica and I chipped in and got her some really great gifts I can't wait to give her, and we get to finally see her newly renovated home. I love my friends I can't wait to be together with all of them, it's a rarity these days!

all of my favorites <3 

Four. Treatment Update
If you read this post then you saw the mention of IVF that the nurse had made to me when I called last week. After talking this over with Joe, we decided to give IUI one last try before we jump into something prematurely. I think we both feel as though, we got so close last time, that maybe this next time will be it. If it doesn't work out then we will end up probably moving forward with IVF. I still have a lot of confidence in this next procedure, we have had a sufficient break between and we are more than ready to make this happen. If it comes down to IVF, then we will take it as it comes, do whatever we have to do, we will prepare for it and be as positive as we can about it.

Five. House Update
Things with the house are moving along well. We received a bid for the construction of the home and we were really happy with the number. We worked on the kitchen design last weekend & are working on finalizing that plan now. I’m really happy with how it turned out. It was a challenge at first, but it’s going to be beautiful when it’s done. Next will be the master bathroom which besides the kitchen, to me is a very important room. Corner tub, tiled shower, lots of natural light, dark wood tones. It’s going to be a beautiful sanctuary. I told Joe that if there are any rooms that I want to pay to have designed and pay a little extra for it’s the kitchen and master bathroom. I’m totally fine buying a vanity from Home Depot for the other two bathrooms. So far we've been in agreement on just about everything which has made the process a lot easier. I think having the last four years to really think about what we want has helped us a lot, we both have the same ideas of what we want our forever home to look like.

here's an updated sneak peak of our kitchen design so far.

Happy Friday dolls!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

3 day weekend recap

I love 3-day weekends.  Although I got nothing accomplished on Monday (except for finally finishing my book!) it's always nice to have an extra day to lay around.  This was the first weekend of the new year that we actually went out and spent a bunch of money & had some fun.

If you read this post, then you will have a better understanding of how my Friday afternoon went.  It was tear-filled and stressful & I hardly had the motivation to get ready to go out and have any bit of fun, but I did. I curled my hair, put on my new CNJ Style tank, & put on a happy face as we set out to the winery.  Once there I was fine.  It was so much fun, the pairings were awesome.  They even looked awesome!  I did the Illinois Sparkling Co (sister company to August Hill) pairing as did Jessica.  Joe and Mike tried the dry & the sweet, respectively.  It was then off to Starved Rock for an awesome dinner with more of our friends.  I had drunken mac n cheese & Joe had king crab raviolis.  Dinner was great, and the Moscow Mules were even better.  We played a round of Cards Against Humanity in the Lodge before calling it a night.  We actually ended up stopping a local bar on the way home for one more mule! 

Saturday was a big day, it started early and was accompanied by a little hangover, up at 7AM to get ready for our appointment at Maze for kitchen design.  The appointment was a tad stressful at first because the dimensions of our layout did not allow for the kitchen designed the way I had always envisioned it: kitchen island with a sink & 3-4 bar stools facing into the living at the fireplace & TV.  That's it, never any other way. To make a long story short, she was able to remove some cabinets & arrange the kitchen just how I pictured it & we were able to salvage the cabinets by placing them in another spot.  It all worked out!  Here's a sneak peak: 

Sunday we had a few friends over for some brewskis and moonshine.  It was fun, we lounged the afternoon away, watched Bad Grandpa, & sipped on Miller Lite and Sam Adams Rebel IPA.  The guys sampled some of the whiskey out of the white-oak barrel that I had gotten Joe for Christmas.  After our guests left we threw a couple t-bones on the grill & watched Jungle Book on blu-ray (Joe had surprised me with this for my Valentine's Day present which we had originally agreed not to exchange this year).  Another relaxing evening on the couch with my boys. 

Monday's forecast was SNOW.  6 to 10" more inches of snow on top of the 12" or more that we already have on the ground.  We should be in the upwards of about 70" or so measured inches this winter if we ended up getting all 10" that the forecasted.  We didn't leave the house.  I got up early & really was determined to finish my book, which I did.  Joe spent the afternoon on the computer 3D designing the house in a program he found online.  The day flew by, unfortunately, but at least it's a short work week ahead.

I expect to hear about the job sometime this week, not sure when.  I'm trying to put it in the back of my mind now until I know if I have gotten it or not.  There is no sense in stressing over something that doesn't need to be stressed over.  I did email my boss Monday, I preferred to sit and talk to him, but with Monday being a holiday & Tuesday being the last interview he had before he makes a decision, I had to get my message to him somehow.  I explained the situation with the insurance.  He already knows about the IUI and what we have been going through and has been so unbelievably supportive about the whole thing so he already knows where I'm coming from.  I am hopeful that we will make the decision that is best for our us and the future of our family.      

Monday, February 17, 2014

A big decision...

Because we have been dealt the infertility card, I could possibly be making one of the biggest and hardest decisions of my life to date.  I’ll start with a little background information.  Right now I am in a union position at work.  My benefits are kick ass.  There is no other way to put it.  My deductible is insanely low, and I have coverage for as many IUI’s and IVF cycles as I want at 80/20 coverage.  That’s huge.  My number one priority right now is getting pregnant and becoming a mommy, hands down, but, there are other opportunities (that happen at the worst of times) and a management position at work is one of those opportunities.  There are many pros and cons about switching from union to management, but the biggest con is that my insurance would change & infertility treatment would no longer be covered

To some, it may seem like a relatively easy decision right off the bat, but I've been with the company for five years, six in September, & my goal is to be in a management position.  I've tested and interviewed and I’m expecting to hear this week if I got the job or not.  This would be a huge accomplishment for me.  It would be a lot more responsibility, a big pay increase, but a lot of daily travel.  The job is in Peoria, I live in Oglesby.  It would be close to 3 hours of travel time each day on top of the 8-9+ hours of work I would be putting in, this is obviously one of the cons, but it’s not a determining factor for me either.  There will not be any opportunities for me to move up at my home office in La Salle & but there may be other opportunities in the Peoria somewhere down the road. 

I decided to call my nurse Deena and let her know what is going on.  She said that right now I need to wait until February 25th.  If AF doesn't show by then then I need to get a beta test done.  I haven’t shown any signs of ovulation & haven’t gotten any positive OPK’s so I’m hoping AF will show up without having to get blood work one.  Then I would need to be put on the pill for 2 weeks to make sure that the follicles that didn't rupture, or “cysts” as they refer to them, all go away & my uterus is clear for takeoff.  Then, I would be able to start stims again.  She did say that IVF could be possible for us which threw a whole other wrench into the already stressed system.  Either way, the timeline is not working in my favor as far as when procedures would be done & when new insurance would be kicking in (this is, again, only if I get the job).  To say that this is a huge decision is a huge understatement.  The thought of having to pay for IUI or IVF out of pocket when I had insurance that would cover 80% of it just seems insane to me, but at the same time, giving up something I've wanted for a long time, something I've wanted for longer than I've been dealing with infertility, also seems insane. 

As soon as I heard IVF, things got a lot more complicated, the tears started rolling & my fingers started rapidly texting as fast as they could with the information to Joe.  She said that there is still a chance that we will get pregnant with IUI, but IVF is more bang for our buck, but it’s really up to us in the long run.  If IVF is what we decided to do, it would be the weeks of April 26-May 9.  We are still considering the IUI for one more shot before we would feel comfortable committing to something as big as IVF.  If I were to take the job & the IUI did not work, then we would be stuck paying for the next round out of pocket anyway.

I guess the point to this very lengthy post is that this is the effect of infertility on your life.  It doesn't just effect being able to have children, it has an effect on some of the biggest decisions you will ever make.  And hands down, this is the biggest decision that I have ever been faced with in my life and I’m not sure I will have many more that will ever measure up to what this one has.  How do I decide between two of the biggest things you want for yourself in life?  Not to say that I can’t have both of those things, but the inevitable struggle that I will endure if I decide to take on both.  What about baby number 2?  Even if I could still get one more procedure covered, what happens when we are ready for a second baby?  I know that there are so many couples out there who have drained their savings and spent thousands of dollars on infertility treatment, but that was because they had to.  They didn't have the option.  Does it make me a bad person if I decide that my career is important to me and I’m willing to give up that coverage for a job?   And how about this house we are planning on building?  The entire process of building a house in itself has to have some stress that comes along with it.  Can you see my head spinning yet? 

There is still a lot to think about.  I need to sit down and crunch some numbers as far as pay goes to see if it's really worth it.  I need to talk to my supervisor (who is doing the hiring) and Joe and I need to talk more about what's best for us.  On one hand, I don't want to take a job just because of the money.  If I am miserable, there will be no where for me to go.  Once I leave the union I can never go back.  I know that when I have a baby I want to be the best mom I can be, I want to be able to be around to experience every aspect of mommy-hood as possible & I know if I take this job I won't be able to do that.  On the other hand, this opportunity may never present itself again & then I could be filled with regret about not taking it when it was offered to me.  It is also something that I've wanted for a long time.  #infertilitysucks

Friday, February 14, 2014

Five on Friday

please take a minute to go here to read about #teamteddy and help spread the word.

One.  Happy 6 years to my husband!
It's actually the 3rd anniversary of the day that Joe proposed too!  Joe doesn't think that now that we are married he should have two anniversaries to remember, but I think it’s important to take a moment to acknowledge that we've been going strong now for 6 years!  We don’t have an actual day on the calendar that we were “official” so we use Valentine’s Day as kind of a guide since it was around that time that we considered ourselves to be exclusive and serious.  We started dating in January of 2008 & I knew right away that he would be the person I would marry.  We've gone through so much these last 6 years, some of our hardest times have been recently with the struggle to get pregnant, but we have some amazing things to look forward to building this house & hopefully one day expecting a baby of our own.  We may not be exactly where we thought we’d be, but we are so blessed and have had so many wonderful experiences in our lives together.  There’s no one else I would rather be going through this thing called life with than Joe.

Two.  Happy Valentine’s Day
We’re not big on Vday, it climaxed for me three years ago today when Joe proposed on a cruise ship on our way to St. Thomas.  There is no way he is going to ever top that again.  We do have plans tonight with some friends of ours.  First, a chocolate & wine pairing at August Hill which I’ve been looking forward to for a while now!  Two of my favorite things in life!  Dinner will follow at Starved Rock and I’ve got my taste buds set on the filet.  One of my favorite steaks in the area.  It should be a fun night.  We haven’t done really anything like this yet this year so it will be nice to go out & enjoy a night on the town.

Three.  Kitchen Design
Super excited for tomorrow’s appointment with our kitchen design lady.  To me, the kitchen is really the heart of the home.  It’s where food is made, drinks are poured, and families can come together.  I grew up in a home where the majority of our family time was spent in the kitchen.  Part of the reason that our floor plan is an open concept is so that our kitchen, living, & dining room are all together.  I have a ton of ideas for our kitchen, but I need to get them organized & I need to see them come to partial life with some kind of design.  Really looking forward to this stage of planning!!  Check out my kitchen inspiration here.

Four.  Homemade Ravs (tortellini)
This Sunday we are making homemade ravs.  I'm planning to bring my camera so I can snap some photos of the process and I promise to share the dough & the filling recipes with you.  I think we are making both tortellini (the button shaped ones that you knot) and raviolis (the square ones that you press with a fork). Here in the Illinois Valley, we call tortellini "ravs" and we always have.  So when I say we're making ravs, I really mean we are making tortellini, but we happen to be making both this weekend.  Got it?

these are actual ravioli
Five. Spring Wardrobe
I'm trying really hard to not spend a lot of extra money on things like clothes, purses, shoes, & accessories right now, but who am I kidding, the spring stuff is finally starting to come out and I can't really help myself sometimes.  I had a 15% off a Kohl's and I desperately needed new sunglasses so of course I stopped after work Tuesday & picked up a few other pieces.  They had v-neck t-shirts buy one get one for a dollar so I picked up a heather grey and a lavender one.  One can never have too many v-neck t's.  I also go an adorable pastel Aztec print 3/4" sleeve chiffon shirt that I'm DYING over.  Not to mention my mint wedges will go PERFECTLY with it!! #winning

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's the Little Things Link Up

Red nail polish.  Timeless, classy, bold.  Red nail polish is actually a pretty powerful thing.  It's the color of confidence.  It's fierce, it's classic, and every brand makes it.  My friend Jen and I were talking about how perfect red manicured nails are, and with it being Valentine's week, what better time then to don you nails with the color of LOVE!?  I just bought a brand new bottle of Essie Russian Roulette yesterday and I'm loving how perfect it looks.  

There's just something about a fresh bottle of nail polish; a fresh manicure.  

Happy Wednesday loves!

Monday, February 10, 2014

It Works! Magic Mojo Wraps

I know you have all seen (ok, maybe not all of you) those "crazy wrap things" that people talk about on Facebook.  I have to tell you, I am a skeptic about things like that all the time.  If they really work then make a believer out of me!  Well, that's exactly what my sponsor Amanda did.  She hosted a giveaway on her Facebook page a few months back & I happened to be the winner.  I was pretty excited because I had stopped working out due to the infertility process that we were going through, but I still really wanted to have that toned look.  

Right around the time I won the wrap, I had the laparoscopy done so I waited until the surgery was over the the incisions were healed before I tried it.  I used one wrap for 45 minutes & was really blown away by the results.  I couldn't believe how quickly one wrap worked.  Imagine using an entire box!  I used it on my abdomen, but they can be used on your upper thighs, arms, pretty much anywhere you want to get rid of that extra pinch.  Here's a little about the wrap & what it actually is & what it actually does...

The Ultimate Body Applicator is a non-woven cloth wrap that has been infused with a powerful, botanically-based formula to deliver maximum tightening, toning, and firming results where applied to the skin.  The wrap tightens, tones, & firms & minimizes cellulite appearance.  Improves skin texture & tightness, it's mess-free and simple to use with results in as little as 45 minutes, progressive results over 72 hours.  It is made with natural ingredients.  Apply one Applicator to one area of your choice (such as the abdomen, back, sides, legs, arms, or buttocks) and leave on for 45 minutes. Remove and discard. Repeat after 72 hours.

Here is Amanda after just one wrap!  Amazing!

Amanda really turned me into a believer.  I back these products 100% and I highly recommend them to anyone who lives a healthy lifestyle.  Some of the other awesome products include, the Alkalizing Drink Powder which is a great way to detoxify your body, increase energy, and helps support a healthy digestive system. It has 8+ servings of fruits and veggies, and a blend of 38 herbs and nutrient-rich superfoods.  This stuff is amazing.  Lots of benefits packed into a powder that is just added to water.

Alkalizing Drink Powder

There are so many products available through It Works, I'm not able to name them all, but between the wraps, supplements, skin care products, & more, I guarantee there is something out there for everyone. What better way to get ready for bikini season then to start now with the crazy wrap?  I know I'm going to be using them to shed all the extra that the holidays, winter, & girl scout cookie season has helped pack on! Take a minute to go check out my fabulous sponsor Amanda, and be on the lookout for some awesome things to come from It Works!

all opinions are 100% my own 

Friday, February 07, 2014


I contemplated waiting to write this until tomorrow, but I think it's important to capture the essence of the emotional roller coaster that is infertility.  I'm feeling defeated.  My appointment was at 2 today, and my entire world was turned upside down this time around.  It went from a positive, optimistic, this-is-it appointment to a completely disappointing & heartbreaking appointment in a matter of minutes.  

Dr. G decided it would be a good idea to increase the amount of Follistim from 75mg to 100mg this time around and inject for 7 days rather than 5 in hopes of more follicles.  Last time with 75mg x day for 5 days, I ended up with two nice sized follicles and ended up with a (short-lived) positive pregnancy test.  This time there had to be over a dozen or so follicles counted, 3 of which were over 16mm which is too big.  There is a chance that all of these follicles could ovulate including the 3 or 4 that were mid-sized, at 13-15mm creating a huge increase in the chance for multiple pregnancies.  I had Dr. S today since Dr. G doesn't treat in Peoria on Friday's.  The end of the ultrasound I was happy that I had so many follies and never even thought about over stimulation.  Then, we sit down in the consultation room, & he says the dose was too high, & we might never find the perfect dose.  He said that he recommended that we cancel the IUI procedure to avoid the multiple pregnancies.  We could've still had the procedure, but then could've been faced with terminating some of the embryos if in fact we were to have multiples.  

I could feel the blood draining from my face as he was telling me this, I could feel my quivering lips, & my tear filled eyes, careful as to not let a tear drop out until we were safely out of the office and down the hall. They see tears & deliver disappointing news all the time, but I just didn't want to cry in the office.  We were also told that we would need to abstain from BD, or at least unprotected BD until I had a period.  Thing is, we BD yesterday in preparation for the IUI we thought we were having so there is still a chance I could get pregnant and there is still a chance for multiples if more than one of the follicles ovulates.  They basically said that they have no idea what the outcome will be and all we can do is wait.  He said we will need to talk to Dr. G to see what we will need to do next.

My hope is that I'm not pregnant & we will be able to try this again.  I would be so happy if it turned out that we were pregnant, but I do not want multiple pregnancies, the risk is just too high.  I hope that we can dial the dose down a bit and come to a happy medium between this time and the last time.  

I feel sad, mad, defeated, frustrated, anxious, all of the above.  I know that tomorrow I will be ok, and life will go on and it's not the end of the world, it just seems like we are never going to catch a break.  People say that the house will be a good thing to focus on now, but what they don't understand is there is no focus on anything else when you're going through this.  Yes, of course the house is of great importance to me, but it's not on my mind 24/7.  I can get it out of my head if I want, and not think about it for days, but this, infertility, this journey, this struggle, our baby, it's all I think about every single day because it's what I want for us more than anything in the world.  I know that we are on the right track, & one day it will happen, & yada yada, but I want to share and document the hard times.  Yes, there are tears, yes we get mad, we drink a lot of wine, we hate the world, we throw pity parties for ourselves.  But at the same time, we are strong, positive, and determined, and will continue to persevere.  

We hit another snag, and it pisses me off, but I know that cancelling it was the right thing to do & I know that we will have another shot at this, & and I know that one day it will work out.  I'm very disappointed and heartbroken, but that is what infertility is.  A lot of heartache, but in the end, hopefully the biggest joy one could ever know!

Five on Friday

One.  Blueprints!
So, so, so, excited that we got our finalized blueprints on Monday!  Now we can officially start getting bids & really start making some big decisions about this house.  I know we have a long road ahead of us, but I’m ecstatic that we are finally, after almost 4 years of owning the lot, going to start BUILDING OUR FOREVER HOME!  It still doesn't seem real & I don’t think it will until we break ground & things star progressing, but I know it won’t be long until Spring!

just FYI... the garage is going to be at an angle that's why it looks funny on the print

Two. IUI #3
Today is our ultrasound appointment.  They will determine whether or not we have the procedure done tomorrow or Monday.  I’m really hoping for tomorrow, but if they want to wait a few more days then I’m fine with that too, whichever is going to give us a better chance of getting pregnant.  Injections have been going fine.  If all goes according to plan then I will be doing the Ganirelix and the Ovidrel tonight.  Fingers crossed that we have some really nice follies growing in there!  I’m feeling really good about things this time, but will never forget what happened last round either.  I have been doing a few things different already, I started taking 3mg Melatonin every night as recommended by The Fertility Advisor.  I also was lucky enough to receive a whole ton of vitamins from a fellow blogger (thank you so much Beth!) that I’ll be working into my daily routine.  Trying to stay positive and optimistic!


Three.  Salem’s Lot
My mom is getting rid of probably a thousand books now that she has had her Kindle for a few years.  I took all of her Stephen King books and was so excited I had no idea which one I would start with, The Shining, Secret Window Secret Garden, The Dead Zone?  I decided on Salem’s Lot.  I haven’t read much over the last few years.  My mom doesn't understand how someone with a Bachelor’s in English doesn't read, but I just fell out of the habit.  Hopefully these Stephen King books will get me back into the swing.

Four.  Ready for Spring
Seriously, between the snow that we already had, the snow we got last weekend, & the snow we got this week, there’s several feet on the ground and nowhere to put it!  This is a true Illinois winter, but one we have been lucky enough not to have to endure the last few years.   I guess Mother Nature decided not to let us off the hook again this year! Boo!  I am so ready for Spring.  I made my first spring wardrobe purchase, an ADORABLE Aztec print chiffon tank top from CNJ Style on Monday and I’m dying to wear it!  My nails are painted pink & my hair has been freshly highlighted the perfect shade of blonde, bring on the summer!

Elephantasitc pink & the adorable tank (and adorable mom & daughter models!) from CNJ

Five. Naked Pure Fruit Juice
I’m trying to be more conscious of not only what I eat, but what I drink.  I start every day with one cup of coffee & that’s it, I never have more than one, one is perfect.  I usually drink a few tumblers of ice water each day as well at work.  At home is sometimes a little trickier.  I like a little flavor in my day and everything used to flavor water is loaded with artificial stuff & so are the sparkling waters that I drink at home.  “Made with Splenda” is right on the label & I’m really trying to avoid that stuff if I can.  This week I decided to try these Naked Pure Fruit Juices.  A little pricey, but really good.  Flavorful, filling, no sugar added, no preservatives, non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, & filled with a ton of fruit.  The sugar is high, but it’s natural sugar not aspartame.  For water I decided to try the Perrier flavored water.  They have pink grapefruit, lemon, & lime flavors, and it’s mineral water.  I read a lot of good and not so much bad about the stuff so I’m  hopeful it will be a healthy alternative to what I’m currently doing.  Hyvee has a beautiful organic section so I’m trying to do more shopping there, the prices can be killer though!

Happy Friday Lovlies!

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

It's the Little Things Link-Up

I noticed last Wednesdays link up the theme seemed to be babies and children.  So many adorable little ones out there, some playing in the snow (some for the first time!).  Some playing in warm weather, some strolling through Target, some asleep on the couch with dad, lots of adorable little faces to look at!

I found myself thinking about what my next Little Things post would be about, my dog? My husband?  Of course there's millions of little things about them that I could talk about, but then I started thinking about the day we would have our own "little thing" that I'll be able to write about.  For now, here is my "little thing", and I might be taking the "little" part a bit literally, but it seems to be working for me so far...

This little thing is what will hopefully soon be the cause of our own little miracle. This tiny needle, this tiny dose of medicine... A simple process, a simple stick in the stomach, a press of the plunger, and voila!! FSH city in my ovaries. Some people may not understand how this could be something a person would find pleasure in, or find comforting, or peaceful, but to me, it is.  I count down the hours every day til 6:30 pm when I can give myself the injection & cross a day off of my calendar.  It may seem strange to some, but this is my life right now just like someones child or baby is their life.  I would've never in a million years thought that we would be going through this, but it is our reality.  I try to keep the theme of my posts tied to infertility if I can because everything my life revolves around right now is this.  The house, the job opportunities, vacations, day trips, all being decided around what will happen if this treatment works.  It is hard sometimes not to let it hold you back, but it does.  

If this link up spans the life of some others I've participated in, then maybe one day I'll be posting those little moments with my little miracle my bundle of joy, who with just a smile, a cry, a breath will be able to melt my heart and again remind me of how important and special the little things really are!

Happy Wednesday!
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