Friday, February 14, 2014

Five on Friday

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One.  Happy 6 years to my husband!
It's actually the 3rd anniversary of the day that Joe proposed too!  Joe doesn't think that now that we are married he should have two anniversaries to remember, but I think it’s important to take a moment to acknowledge that we've been going strong now for 6 years!  We don’t have an actual day on the calendar that we were “official” so we use Valentine’s Day as kind of a guide since it was around that time that we considered ourselves to be exclusive and serious.  We started dating in January of 2008 & I knew right away that he would be the person I would marry.  We've gone through so much these last 6 years, some of our hardest times have been recently with the struggle to get pregnant, but we have some amazing things to look forward to building this house & hopefully one day expecting a baby of our own.  We may not be exactly where we thought we’d be, but we are so blessed and have had so many wonderful experiences in our lives together.  There’s no one else I would rather be going through this thing called life with than Joe.

Two.  Happy Valentine’s Day
We’re not big on Vday, it climaxed for me three years ago today when Joe proposed on a cruise ship on our way to St. Thomas.  There is no way he is going to ever top that again.  We do have plans tonight with some friends of ours.  First, a chocolate & wine pairing at August Hill which I’ve been looking forward to for a while now!  Two of my favorite things in life!  Dinner will follow at Starved Rock and I’ve got my taste buds set on the filet.  One of my favorite steaks in the area.  It should be a fun night.  We haven’t done really anything like this yet this year so it will be nice to go out & enjoy a night on the town.

Three.  Kitchen Design
Super excited for tomorrow’s appointment with our kitchen design lady.  To me, the kitchen is really the heart of the home.  It’s where food is made, drinks are poured, and families can come together.  I grew up in a home where the majority of our family time was spent in the kitchen.  Part of the reason that our floor plan is an open concept is so that our kitchen, living, & dining room are all together.  I have a ton of ideas for our kitchen, but I need to get them organized & I need to see them come to partial life with some kind of design.  Really looking forward to this stage of planning!!  Check out my kitchen inspiration here.

Four.  Homemade Ravs (tortellini)
This Sunday we are making homemade ravs.  I'm planning to bring my camera so I can snap some photos of the process and I promise to share the dough & the filling recipes with you.  I think we are making both tortellini (the button shaped ones that you knot) and raviolis (the square ones that you press with a fork). Here in the Illinois Valley, we call tortellini "ravs" and we always have.  So when I say we're making ravs, I really mean we are making tortellini, but we happen to be making both this weekend.  Got it?

these are actual ravioli
Five. Spring Wardrobe
I'm trying really hard to not spend a lot of extra money on things like clothes, purses, shoes, & accessories right now, but who am I kidding, the spring stuff is finally starting to come out and I can't really help myself sometimes.  I had a 15% off a Kohl's and I desperately needed new sunglasses so of course I stopped after work Tuesday & picked up a few other pieces.  They had v-neck t-shirts buy one get one for a dollar so I picked up a heather grey and a lavender one.  One can never have too many v-neck t's.  I also go an adorable pastel Aztec print 3/4" sleeve chiffon shirt that I'm DYING over.  Not to mention my mint wedges will go PERFECTLY with it!! #winning


  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Friday, and Happy Anniversary!! Lots of happiness here today :)
    I'm heading over to your Pinterest board now to check out your kitchens - I'll try too hard not to be jelly!


  2. Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine's Day! It sounds like you have a lot of exciting things going on this weekend. Enjoy your chocolate and wine! You deserve it.

  3. AHHHHH Kitchen Design!! Have fun with that. And happy 6 years to you and your boo!

  4. Oh my those ravioli look soooooo good! And I agree you can't beat a good red mani

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! Loved the pictures!! Also, making ravioli seems like a hard task...props to you girl!! YUMMO!

  6. Happy 5, Happy anniversary, and Happy Valentine's Day (all belated)!!! Love all the pics of you two - and it is funny how he has the same face in almost all the pics =)

  7. Y'all are so stinkin cute. Aaaand I love that shirt. And the fact that it beautifully compliments the color scheme of your blog! :)


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