Friday, February 07, 2014

Five on Friday

One.  Blueprints!
So, so, so, excited that we got our finalized blueprints on Monday!  Now we can officially start getting bids & really start making some big decisions about this house.  I know we have a long road ahead of us, but I’m ecstatic that we are finally, after almost 4 years of owning the lot, going to start BUILDING OUR FOREVER HOME!  It still doesn't seem real & I don’t think it will until we break ground & things star progressing, but I know it won’t be long until Spring!

just FYI... the garage is going to be at an angle that's why it looks funny on the print

Two. IUI #3
Today is our ultrasound appointment.  They will determine whether or not we have the procedure done tomorrow or Monday.  I’m really hoping for tomorrow, but if they want to wait a few more days then I’m fine with that too, whichever is going to give us a better chance of getting pregnant.  Injections have been going fine.  If all goes according to plan then I will be doing the Ganirelix and the Ovidrel tonight.  Fingers crossed that we have some really nice follies growing in there!  I’m feeling really good about things this time, but will never forget what happened last round either.  I have been doing a few things different already, I started taking 3mg Melatonin every night as recommended by The Fertility Advisor.  I also was lucky enough to receive a whole ton of vitamins from a fellow blogger (thank you so much Beth!) that I’ll be working into my daily routine.  Trying to stay positive and optimistic!


Three.  Salem’s Lot
My mom is getting rid of probably a thousand books now that she has had her Kindle for a few years.  I took all of her Stephen King books and was so excited I had no idea which one I would start with, The Shining, Secret Window Secret Garden, The Dead Zone?  I decided on Salem’s Lot.  I haven’t read much over the last few years.  My mom doesn't understand how someone with a Bachelor’s in English doesn't read, but I just fell out of the habit.  Hopefully these Stephen King books will get me back into the swing.

Four.  Ready for Spring
Seriously, between the snow that we already had, the snow we got last weekend, & the snow we got this week, there’s several feet on the ground and nowhere to put it!  This is a true Illinois winter, but one we have been lucky enough not to have to endure the last few years.   I guess Mother Nature decided not to let us off the hook again this year! Boo!  I am so ready for Spring.  I made my first spring wardrobe purchase, an ADORABLE Aztec print chiffon tank top from CNJ Style on Monday and I’m dying to wear it!  My nails are painted pink & my hair has been freshly highlighted the perfect shade of blonde, bring on the summer!

Elephantasitc pink & the adorable tank (and adorable mom & daughter models!) from CNJ

Five. Naked Pure Fruit Juice
I’m trying to be more conscious of not only what I eat, but what I drink.  I start every day with one cup of coffee & that’s it, I never have more than one, one is perfect.  I usually drink a few tumblers of ice water each day as well at work.  At home is sometimes a little trickier.  I like a little flavor in my day and everything used to flavor water is loaded with artificial stuff & so are the sparkling waters that I drink at home.  “Made with Splenda” is right on the label & I’m really trying to avoid that stuff if I can.  This week I decided to try these Naked Pure Fruit Juices.  A little pricey, but really good.  Flavorful, filling, no sugar added, no preservatives, non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, & filled with a ton of fruit.  The sugar is high, but it’s natural sugar not aspartame.  For water I decided to try the Perrier flavored water.  They have pink grapefruit, lemon, & lime flavors, and it’s mineral water.  I read a lot of good and not so much bad about the stuff so I’m  hopeful it will be a healthy alternative to what I’m currently doing.  Hyvee has a beautiful organic section so I’m trying to do more shopping there, the prices can be killer though!

Happy Friday Lovlies!


  1. ahhh how exciting on the blue prints! We can sort of be in the same boat on getting things going with our dream home! Congrats girl! Happy Weekend!

  2. The plans of your house are come out beautiful. God Bless your future home!

  3. So exciting about your home! I just stumbled on your blog but #2 I will have my fingers crossed for you and send positive vibes your way :-)

  4. Your home looks BEAUTIFUL! We are on a baby making journey at this present moment too -- I have my fingers crossed for you and I'm sending lots of baby dust your way! xoxo

  5. I will be thinking about you guys as you have your ultrasound! It is all in God's hands. :)

  6. So jealous you guys are building your own house! Once we stop moving around so much, I hope to build our forever home! Will be thinking about you this weekend... I hope this is it!

  7. Hey Elena, Happy Friday!
    First off, we are gonna have to chat about the ins and outs of building your own home. Currently we are in a rental in SC while we wait for our house in AR to sell. Once it does though, we are going to be looking into a preconstruction house or building our own if we can find land. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your procedure tomorrow/Monday. I hope it happens soon! I have PCOS and my husband and I have just decided to start "trying" and I'm so afraid it's going to be a long and disappointing journey. Keep us posted on what the doc says!!

    Cheers to the weekend,

  8. that blueprint looks awesome! so excited to see the progress of this house! also--you are just the cutest thing ever!
    good luck at the appointment! fingers crossed!


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