Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday

One.  The job.
What a relief it turned out to be that I was not chosen for the job.  At the end of the day Tuesday my supervisor sat down in my office and we talked about the email I had sent him.  He had no idea that I would lose that coverage, but he said regardless of that & my email, I would not be the candidate selected.  The person who he has selected has more experience and lives in the Peoria area.  He did say that he knows that I am more than ready for a management position and that my opportunity will come, it's just not the best time right now.  I agreed with him and explained that between the loss of coverage and the amount of travel, I was certain I would have to turn it down.  I am not upset at all, but thankful that I was able to test, (so now I'll never have to again!) and I got an interview under my belt which is always good practice.  Feeling  much less stressed & overwhelmingly relieved!

My friend Kari makes the bomb-diggity, handmade jewelry.  She is super talented.  I love her unique style. She has pieces you'll never see anywhere else.  She custom made me a gorgeous necklace & I can't wait til it warms up a bit so I can wear it!!  It really is a statement necklace that will surly be the focal point of any outfit.  I envision it paired with a white cami & skinnies.  You can visit her Etsy shop to check out her pieces and contact her about a customer order of your own!  

Three.  Baby Shower Weekend.
This weekend is going to be filled with best friends & babies.  Friday night my bestie Jodie and her daughter Jocelyn come home from Indy.  We're doing pizza at her moms house and I can't wait to hang out and catch up.  Her moms house is one of my favorite places to visit, she's been in my life for 23 years so I love getting the chance to catch up with her.  Her and I will be drinking wine, but Jodie won't be partaking since she announced she is expecting baby #3!  Her son and daughter almost 8 & 7 so they'll have a brand new baby sibling!!  We will be celebrating my other friend Jen's baby this weekend with her shower/open house.  My mom, Jodie, Jessica and I chipped in and got her some really great gifts I can't wait to give her, and we get to finally see her newly renovated home. I love my friends I can't wait to be together with all of them, it's a rarity these days!

all of my favorites <3 

Four. Treatment Update
If you read this post then you saw the mention of IVF that the nurse had made to me when I called last week. After talking this over with Joe, we decided to give IUI one last try before we jump into something prematurely. I think we both feel as though, we got so close last time, that maybe this next time will be it. If it doesn't work out then we will end up probably moving forward with IVF. I still have a lot of confidence in this next procedure, we have had a sufficient break between and we are more than ready to make this happen. If it comes down to IVF, then we will take it as it comes, do whatever we have to do, we will prepare for it and be as positive as we can about it.

Five. House Update
Things with the house are moving along well. We received a bid for the construction of the home and we were really happy with the number. We worked on the kitchen design last weekend & are working on finalizing that plan now. I’m really happy with how it turned out. It was a challenge at first, but it’s going to be beautiful when it’s done. Next will be the master bathroom which besides the kitchen, to me is a very important room. Corner tub, tiled shower, lots of natural light, dark wood tones. It’s going to be a beautiful sanctuary. I told Joe that if there are any rooms that I want to pay to have designed and pay a little extra for it’s the kitchen and master bathroom. I’m totally fine buying a vanity from Home Depot for the other two bathrooms. So far we've been in agreement on just about everything which has made the process a lot easier. I think having the last four years to really think about what we want has helped us a lot, we both have the same ideas of what we want our forever home to look like.

here's an updated sneak peak of our kitchen design so far.

Happy Friday dolls!


  1. So happy that things worked out "just right". I hope this is a new trend for you! :) And yay for more HOME progress!!! Happy Friday friend! -xo Amanda

  2. I'm glad you can still have your insurance coverage. I believe their is a purpose in everything. Can't wait to see the completion of your home. God Bless and have a great weekend.

  3. wonderful way to end the week! Happy for you!

    :) Maritza

  4. Happy Friday to you! I'm so glad that all the stress surrounding the job is eliminated now. It's clear it didn't work out for the fact that it wasn't the position for YOU. It's great news though that your boss recognizes your potential and your drive and will be considering that for future positions! I have faith that the PERFECT job - including benefits - will come along!

    Have a wonderful time with your friends. What a blessing it is to have good lifelong friends! I also hope everything with your next IUI goes smoothly. I believe you will be announcing your own pregnancy soon and your friends will be throwing you the next shower. It's a little cruel how sometimes the people with the greatest love in their hearts for a child have such difficulty conceiving, yet sometimes for others that could care less, or even don't want a child are given the greatest gift of life. Good luck - I really wish the best to you this go round!

    Have a great weekend! I can't wait to hear more about your house!


  5. Happy things are working out. Maybe not necessarily as planned but, realistically maybe this is what HE has planned for you. You have amazing strength and such a positive out look that only good things are in store for you and Joe in the future. The jewelry you posted is gorgeous btw. Wishing you nothing but the best in a you do, keeping you both in my prayers, & continue to be an inspiration to others. Elena you are simply amazing!

  6. Crazy how things just happen as they should. I am glad that you don't have to lose your incredible medical coverage and I am wishing you strong pregnancy vibes for your next IUI round.

  7. I am grabbing your button if you want to grab mine back!!!

  8. Hoping this next cycle works! Cute necklace. XOXO


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