Monday, July 09, 2012

baby, baby, baby, ohhhh!

Well, another weekend to cross off the calendar!  I can't believe how fast this summer is going by!  I guess time flies when you're having fun & this summer has been such a blast.  We have done some fun things, and we are creating some wonderful new experiences and adventures in our lives, rekindling old friendships, working our butts off on our new house & just generally enjoying life to the fullest!

It's baby-making time! Yay!! I bought a thermometer which was suggested by a family member.  You take your temp each morning before you get out of bed and track the changes.  I also plan to use my ovulation test to see if the two methods actually correlate with each other which they should.   A thermometer is about the cheapest way I've found to track too, $10 bucks for this little guy, and all you do is hold it on your temple and it takes your temp, soooo easy!  Got it at Walmart.

So we worked on the house all weekend, well, Joe did, Sunday I took a break and went boating with my dad & step mom and some other family & friends, it was a blast!  Definitely a Sunday Funday.  We loaded up our cooler with Lime-a-Rita's, fruit snacks, & white cheddar popcorn & took to the good ole' Illinois River.  We finally had a break in the ridiculous heat we were having so it was perfect yesterday.   Oh and Jessica (my rekindled friendship) and I went to Target and bought these awesome hats as seen below.  She reminded me of the Kentucky Derby!  

I feel so bad for my poor little pug.  We have been leaving him home alone a lot lately because we are spending so much time at the house & with all the painting going on, I just don't want him in there with us until we are done because he would stick his face in it if I would let him.  He made a new friend this weekend though, he met a pug named Chuck that a friend of ours just rescued & they were so stinkin adorable together.  Chuck is smaller and whiter than Frank, I've never seen Frank around another pug before, it was so funny.  But most of the time he has been sad and depressed that we haven't been around to give him attention.  He is such a mama's boy too which makes it even harder for me to leave him.

Wednesday Joe and I will travel up to Rush in Chicago for my 2nd follow up appointment after surgery, or is it 3rd?  I can't remember now.  It has been about 12 weeks since surgery, and I am hoping that doc tells me that I don't have to wear this ridiculous, robotic-looking brace anymore.  It's seriously unnecessary to have so much brace on such a small leg!  I swear I am going to throw it out the window on the way home on 55 so if anyone is in need of a knee brace, check on the side of the highway!

That's all for now my friends!  Fingers crossed for babies & freedom from my brace!!!!!


  1. That is the best thermometer!
    Are you taking before and after pictures of the house? Can't wait to see!

  2. Oh yea! I will be posting lots of pics once it's all done.


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