Saturday, November 17, 2012

the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear

Totally getting into the Christmas spirit lately, my husband does not allow any decor, music, movies, or talk of Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but I am already full of holiday spirit!  

The Elf soundtrack of course so many classics & fun songs, I especially love Baby It's Cold Outside, Pennies from Heaven, & Santa Baby!  A Charlie Brown Christmas is one of my other favorites, it's a jazz album & it's completely relaxing.  Last but not least for now, Bob Dylan's Christmas in the Heart.  Let's face it, Bob Dylan is a classic, he may sound like he's had one too many eggnogs, but it's still a great album.

I haven't started watching any Christmas movies yet, those I will wait to start until after Thanksgiving.  Top favorites, Elf, Christmas Vacation, White Christmas, Just Friends, The Grinch, The Muppet's Christmas Carol, to name a few.  

Couple things I'm excited about, a real tree is in the works for this year.  Joe grew up having a real tree his entire life, his parents still put up a real tree, I've never had the pleasure of having one, so this year were going to give it a try.  I'm afraid Frankie might try to pee on it...  we will see.  My new Scentsy Owl Warmer with several new scents, all winter themed, Eskimo Kiss, Snowberry, Silver Bells, & Festival of Trees.  My Yankee "Christmas Eve" candle, another necessity.   

Some other random holiday stuff I'm pumped about, I picked up some Sam Adams White Christmas today at the grocery store I can't wait to try it.  My best friends Ugly Sweater party is December 8th.  It's such a great party, I went to her house yesterday and she was decorating already, she has more Christmas decorations than anyone I know.  Her party is always a blast. 

Joe and I are going to be breaking tradition this year & it will be a first for both of us.  We are actually going to be traveling to Minot, North Dakota from December 20th thru the 26th to spend Christmas with my bestest friend & sister-in-law & Joe's brother, Jon & their kids.  We are extremely excited.  We're planning on doing some last minute Christmas shopping, lots of drinking, eating, movie watching, playing, & laughing.  It will be a great time.  I've never had a Christmas where I could just stay in my PJ's all day & do nothing.  My parents were divorced when I was two so I've always had lots of places to go between Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.  Pretty pumped about that.  

And last, but not least, my very favorite thing during the holiday's is gift giving.  I've already gotten the majority of my shopping done & I'm pretty excited about the gifts were giving this year.  Of course I can't reveal anything on here until after Christmas, but I have to toot my own horn about for my awesome gift giving abilities.  


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