Friday, May 20, 2016


Well here we are, about to round out the last full week of May!  Big things SHOULD be happening within the next couple weeks, however, things are a bit up in the air at this point.   Amy and I are really close in many ways, one of them being our cycles are just a couple days apart.  Today for me is CD24, it’s CD21 for her, last week (the fertile window week) Amy told me she was experiencing some spotting and she still is today.  We contacted our IVF coordinator who said it sounded like ovulation bleeding which can mess up a cycle.  I’ve never experienced it before so I really don’t know what will happen. 

We thought she could potentially go on BCP, but at this point it’s too late.  She is leaving for vacation tomorrow for 10 days and we were instructed to just wait it out to see if she gets a period.  Fingers & toes crossed that AF does show up for her so that we can get started.  Worst case scenario, we wait another month.  We are no strangers to this.  In fact anyone that has been through IVF, even just once, is no stranger to the setbacks that are likely to occur during a cycle.  We’ve all experienced it, lining not thick enough, a cyst that’s too big, an embryo that didn’t survive the thaw, etc. etc. it’s just part of the game of infertility & we are always at the mercy of our bodies.

Right now we are hoping that this is just fluke bleeding & Amy’s period comes as it should.  I may end up being on BCP to get our cycles synced up again if her period doesn’t come or if it comes later.  We have  yet to have any real calendar of when things will happen so we don’t have any solid plans yet.  Flights & hotels will be booked very last minute & we are holding off on making any other commitments during the month of June.

In other DEIVF news I was able to get ALL of Amy’s meds donated to us except for the Tylenol 3 which I paid $11 for.  The original cost that we were going to be paying out of pocket was $2112 and I am just blown away by the fact that we were able to get so much sent to us by so many wonderful sisters!  I also received some donated meds from my first RE who is also going to be doing my monitoring for the cycle.  In total I received 1350iu of Gonal F ($1400 worth), 13 vials of Menopur ($99 x VIAL!), 5 Ganirelx ($720 worth), 1 HCG trigger ($99 worth), & 1 Lupron kit ($329 worth)!  Seriously we are SO GRATEFUL to everyone who was able to donate to us.  We just couldn’t believe it!

So for now, we wait.  Again, nothing we aren’t familiar with.  The weather is getting warmer and we are enjoying time on the bike and some low-key weekends.  My 30th birthday is a little over 2 weeks away and we are having a party with all of our friends and family at our house.  It’s camping themed, actually is scary movie & camping themed which I’m pumped about.  I’m looking forward to ringing in this next big chapter of my life with my favorite people.  Hopefully by that time our trip to Georgia for embryo transfer will only be a short time away.  I will keep you all posted and updated as we find out more!


  1. This is all such wonderful & positive news!! Lena I am thinking June is going to be one magical month!

  2. Hope the spotting was nothing and everything continues as is. Sounds like you are going to invite your 30s in such a fun way.

  3. Such positive news!!! Thinking of you, friend!

  4. What an amazing community! All the sharing & love is so heartwarming!

  5. Amazing amazing news about the meds. I hope the bleeding is nothing and everything lines up perfectly, but even if not, it'll line up the next month and you'll get your miracle.

  6. All of it donated! That is just so amazing :)

  7. that is so amazing you got so much donated. hope all is going well and everything lines up perfectly!

  8. It is very good that you have shared this update, because I had some different thoughts about it. I am waiting for more news about it.


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