Monday, October 24, 2016

21 Weeks

How far along?  21w2d

Total weight gain?  Maybe 10 pounds

Maternity Clothes? Maternity jeans/leggings for the win.  I'm still fitting into most of my tops as everything is made extra flowy these days.  I did order 1 more pair of maternity jeans (a boot cut pair since every other pair I have is skinny) and a sweater from Old Navy along with a poncho and sweater from Motherhood Maternity.  I had $30 in ON super cash so of course I had to get something with that and MM had a 25% off fall sale on full priced items.

Stretch Marks?  None.

Sleep?  Sleeping great for the most part.  I have been diffusing lavender EO in my diffuser pretty heavily these last few weeks so I've been sleeping really well.

Best moment this week?  Another pretty uneventful week which I think is a good thing.  Joe was able to feel her kick for the first time.  I washed all of the baby clothes that I had so I could get a start on those.  I ordered tiny baby hangers from Target so I can get things hung up (how do you fold onesises??!?!?) and put away.  I ordered a few more decorations for the nursery from Etsy and continued to work on my registry, I'm linking it for you guys, tell me if I'm missing anything!!  Ps. I already have some items like a boppy, a stroller, etc. so there are a few things missing already purchased. 

Miss anything?  I'm gunna go with mimosas... I could really go for a couple mimosas right now.

Movement?   Yes definitely feeling movement!  Even actually seeing some of her harder kicks which is really pretty amazing.

Food cravings?  Like I said last week, I really haven't had any crazy cravings.  Lots of sugary stuff, which always sounds good to me, pregnant or not!

Anything make you queasy or sick?  Not a darn thing!

Have you started to show yet?  Yep, the bump is here to stay.

Gender?  Girl

Labor Signs?  No

Belly button in or out?  In

Wedding rings on or off?  On

Happy or Moody most of the time?  Happy for the majority of the time!

Looking forward to?  Still just counting down the days til 11/4 when we get to finally see her again.  I think it's such b/s that they don't check her more often in the beginning, but whatever I guess.  I can't wait to see how big she has gotten. 


  1. That sweater is SO FLIPPIN CUTE!! You look darling. I'll never be pregnant during Halloween, but that's totally fine if I get to dress up my child in something hilarious!! I can't believe you are over the halfway mark at this point. Time is flying!! :)

  2. I finished washing all of the clothes I have too! As for onesies, I decided to hang those up to make it easier for me lol. Plus I prefer having most of the clothes hung up. I just placed three more orders this morning- I almost have everything ordered and then I have to go onto order my postpartum/ post delivery supplies. My engagement ring has fit just fine this whole pregnancy until this past weekend it was a little tight but I'm hoping that with the cold weather coming in, it'll help keep my fingers small so that I can keep it on. But if all else fails, I'll just put it on a chain and where it as a necklace. 11/4 is almost here!!!

  3. LOVE the Halloween costume!! I found just folding the onesie in half worked best and putting them in a drawer. It wasn't until he started wearing 2 piece stuff that I would hang up shirts but I still put shorts and pants in a drawer.

  4. I fold onesies in half. So much easier that way. Congrats by the way! I have been following your story awhile. I knew your husband when I was in high school. We went to the same church.

  5. You look great with fire-y red hair! I love following along with you with your pregnancy! :)

  6. I understand the angst of waiting between ultrasounds. However that means she is healthy and they aren't concerned. Be glad :) When the ultrasounds are necessary, they aren't necessarily as fun :/ I am still just so thrilled for you!

  7. Hee hee I love your outfit! I folded her onesies in half and then again so it's a fourth of the length and then I stacked them up and down in little bins (got some great ones at Ikea) so I could see the print on them and they were easier to see. Matching outfits I would hang up (if it was a normal hanger I would fold the pants over the bottom part of the hanger and then the shirt over it. Keeps them all together. :)

  8. What a cute registry! Little Georgia is going to be so cute in all those things. Just fyi, you really don't need much with a newborn (in case you don't get all of that). The real basics are: washcloths, little zip-up outfits, a hat or two, diapers, wipes and about 5 blankets. :)

  9. love the mermaid outfit and that top is fabulous. baby laundry is the cutest. hope 11/4 gets here soon!

  10. I folded mine in half then rolled them. Used the storage bins from Ikea. Also check out this website for oil safety! I know lavender is pretty safe but just in case you have any others or are thinking of using them for baby. They have a great facebook page too!!

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