Tuesday, December 20, 2016

29 Weeks

How far along? 29w2d
Gender: Girl
Weight Gain? 20+ pounds
Maternity Clothes? Mostly maternity, I can still pull of most of my shirts, but pants/leggings/anything on bottom is maternity or a size bigger than normal.
Stretch Marks? None!
Belly button in or out?  Continuing to flatten.
Sleep:  Improving over last weeks sleep.  
Best moment this week:  The general buzz of the holidays and being pregnant has been great.  I am so thankful to be pregnant this time of year and I'm already dreaming of what next year will be like with a nine month old baby in tow.  We had family Christmas on Joe's mom's side this past weekend and there were sooo many babies!  It was so fun to see them all in awe of everything & I'm excited to finally say that I will be a part of that next year.
Worst moment this week:  The cold weather we are experiencing right now sucks.  It's been in the negative temps for a few days & it's usually not this cold in Illinois until late winter like January/February so it's been kind of miserable.  It makes it a lot harder to want to go out and do anything either!
Symptoms:  Fatigue, back pain, weight gain, some restlessness at night, other than that still pretty minimal as far as symptoms are concerned.
Miss Anything?  Holiday cocktails, duh!
Movement?  Lots of movement, I know soon she'll be too big to move around too much so I'm really enjoying it now.
Cravings?  A plethora of Christmas cookies and treats have been piling up at work and it's been SO HARD to say no!
Queasy or sick?  Noting at all!
Looking forward to?  Christmas is this weekend!  On the 23rd we always stay over night at a local hotel at a State park called Starved Rock, they have a beautiful lodge and cabins and we always stay over on Christmas Eve eve with my aunt, uncle, and two cousins.  We get in the hot tub, play games, watch Christmas movies, have a nice dinner, and typically indulge in too many cocktails.  It's my favorite way to kick off the Christmas.  On Christmas Eve we always go to Joe's parents for our annual matching PJ's and Christmas stories read by Joe's dad.  We open gifts and always drink Coke out of glass bottles.  It's one of my very favorite traditions to partake in.  Christmas Day is at our  house again this year.  It's open house style for anyone to come and enjoy food and drink, we stay pretty cozy and relaxed all day and it's nice to have to go anywhere.  I'm looking forward to a nice long weekend and seeing friends and family!


  1. I am so happy for you to have a such wonderful Christmas with this sweet baby to come!!! Although the baby will get bigger that just means when she does move you'll see knees, heels or whatever body part it is poking out your side or something! haha

  2. Next Christmas is going to be so fun for the both of us! I remember my nephews' first Christmas, they were almost 8 months old and were full of smiles the entire time. It'll be hectic, especially with celebrating Rory's first birthday just 3 days after Christmas (unless she decides to come before my c-section next week) next year but I know that it will also be loads of fun and totally worth it.


  3. You probably have the best Christmas Eve Eve plans I've ever heard of. That sounds like so much fun. Enjoy your Christmas with that lovely baby belly. Next year will be even better! :)

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