Monday, February 13, 2017

37 Weeks - FULL TERM

How far along? 37w2d
Gender: Girl
Weight Gain? 35+ pounds (my pregnancy app says I should be done growing!)
Maternity Clothes?  90% maternity at all times.  Lots of Joe's shirts & sweat shirts because none of my own comfy clothes fit me well anymore. 
Stretch Marks? None!
Belly button in or out?  Officially out!
Sleep:  Sleep has been better.  Although my CTS is really bad in my right hand and both hands tend to get swollen and lose feeling in them to the point of pain, I am getting decent sleep.  Still up a lot to pee & have to pretty much wake up to get myself rolled over, but I'm just taking it as it comes.  I'm definitely in nesting mode, but I'm trying to limit my activities and focus on rest.  I saw one of the OB's in the office at my appointment on Friday and he said that at this point there is no such thing as bed time being "too early" he said the earlier the better because labor tends to peak about 2am & I will want to be well rested.  Another mama gave me some similar advice this weekend and said that I should just get as must rest as possible because labor is so exhausting. 
Best moment this week:  It was a pretty uneventful week.  I had an amazing prenatal massage, but other than that it was pretty quiet.  Joe is in full swing working 12's at the outage so it's been quiet at home too. 
Symptoms:  Difficulty breathing, rib pain, back pain, swollen feet, carpel tunnel/tingling in hands, RLS at night, heartburn, exhaustion, congestion.  Luckily all things that are not serious!  Pretty much just totally uncomfortable most of the time.
Miss Anything?  Being able to breath & be comfortable.  Walking like a normal person and not like a penguin.
Movement?  Movement is starting to slow down somewhat as she is pretty much out of room at this point.
Cravings?  I never really had any crazy cravings my entire pregnancy, mostly sweets, which I think was a big contributing factor the amount of weight I gained, although I did not gain an ounce anywhere but my stomach. 
Queasy or sick?  Noting at all!
Looking forward to? Our doula comes for her home visit tonight so she can get familiar with where I live and we can discuss possible places to labor at home.  We will go over our birth plan with her as well.  I have another prenatal massage which I always look forward to, seriously I highly recommend treating yourself to several of them throughout your pregnancy if you're not already.
Signs of Labor?  Nothing yet.  I will be happy if she makes it to 40 weeks, we want her as cooked as possible.


  1. One thing I was never aware of in my prior pregnancy was when movement starts picking up again. At my last appointment with one of the OBs...she asked me if he was moving a lot. I told her yes and her response was he can be here at any moment. Sure enough labor started at the peak hours of the morning.

  2. goodness, sucks that you're uncomfortable most of the time. hope you're able to get some relief before she arrives. i've heard a prenatal massage is amazing so i'll have to remember those!

  3. I literally can not wait to hear about this little girl's arrival!!

  4. The home visit! So exciting. I remember that making it seem so real, and picturing myself laboring away. Make sure to have lots of good labor snacks on hand!


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