Wednesday, April 05, 2017

6 Weeks Postpartum

I can't believe I'm already six weeks postpartum!  If I would've had Georgia vaginally, I'd be planning on going back to work already in another week.  That is definitely a plus to having a c-section, I get an additional two weeks off to be home with my girl!  Maternity leave in the US totally sucks!  

So as you can tell in the picture, Georgia is not always a happy camper.  According to the Wonder Weeks app Georgia is going though her first leap in her mental development meaning she is experiencing rapid maturation of metabolism, internal organs, and senses.  She'll be more alert, but is also experiencing a stormy period, aka. crying for no reason, fussy, and fighting sleep.

Although we're having a rough couple days, she is still such an amazingly adorable little peanut.  She's got a pretty severe case of baby acne and diaper rash right now.  She also has a small touch of cradle cap.  She's still wearing some newborn clothes but is also quickly growing into her 0-3 month stuff as well.  She has the chunkiest cheeks and the cutest double chin.  Taking baths and being naked, two things she really hated before, she now enjoys.  We give her baths every other day right now.  I'm trying to get her on somewhat of a routine but since she's fighting sleep it's been tough getting her down when I want her to.  I feed her every 2-3 hours, sometimes more, still on demand.  At night her stretches of sleep time are starting to get longer, she's sleeping an average of 4 hours now so we are waking up less each night.  Once she gets to sleep at night she's a wonderful sleeper!

As for mama, I'm doing well.  I had my six week PP checkup yesterday and I'm down 40 pounds.  I have three more pounds to lose before I reach my PP weight of 116.  I was about 160 when Georgia was born, I'd say 10 pounds of which was all swelling/fluid gained in the last 3-4 weeks of my pregnancy.  I've been released to return to all normal activity and I am released to work on 4/24.  I'm taking the following week off as vacation so I'll be returning to work on 5/1.  Although I love being home, I know that going back to work is what is right for me and I know it will be a good balance for my life.  It will be tough, but we will get through it!

I thought I'd mention and link some of the things that go us through these first six weeks with a baby, there really are some great things out there for parents and for babies.  

DockATot - thrilled with this. we have the Deluxe which is good for use to 9 months, we may end up with the Grand once she gets bigger.
Rock N Play Auto Rocker - she loves it, it rocks it self, no other explanation necessary
Lily Padz - these silicone breast pads are amazing.  I wear them at night because they stick on and I don't have to wear a bra and nursing pads to bed.
Halo Swaddlesure - so much easier than trying to swaddle her in a blanket, bonus, she cannot get her hands out because she's velcroed in
Solly Baby Wrap - hands down one of the best items I registered for a received.  She loves it and it gives me the ability to be mobile while still having her close.
  Milkies Milk Trays - This was a genius idea.  This basically makes breast milk popsicles, each tray freezes eight 1oz milk sticks which I then just bag into breast milk storage bags.  I know that they're exactly 1oz so there isn't any questioning about how much I'm thawing and there's less waste!
Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller/Car Seat - I love this car seat and this stroller.  They're so easy to use!  I've taken Georgia for a few walks now and I love how smooth the ride feels.

It's been an amazing six weeks.  We've had lots more good days and moments than bad and I'm so thankful for all the time we get to spend together.  Although Joe is back with his regular job, because of all the rain we've had he's actually had the last couple of weeks off with us so he's been around for about the whole month which has been really amazing as well.  I know this next month off before returning to work is going to fly, I'm planning to enjoy it as much as I can and soak up every second possible with baby girl.


  1. Going back to work was hard but at the same time just what I needed and it has worked out well ever since. So glad you all were able to spend lots of time together as a family of 3 :)

  2. So happy to hear you're recovering well! Georgia just sounds like the sweetest little thing! And yay for baby wearing!

  3. The extra two weeks is pretty much the #1 reason I will likely not attempt a VBAC. I hate that, but the two weeks is precious! And OMG I am totally getting those milkies trays. I usually froze milk in 6 oz portions, and it was a bad idea since Abbie rarely took that much at a time. This will make life much easier!

  4. i keep hearing about the DockATot, it really does sound pretty fabulous. glad you are doing so well, and she really is super adorable. hope the transition back to work goes well!


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