Thursday, June 22, 2017

Georgia June - 4 Months

Our baby is 4 months old today!  This age has been so fun.  I definitely miss those newborn days and I am just now realizing how truly fast those days and that phase goes by.  Georgia is the happiest baby I've ever known, she LOVES to flash a flirty little smile and bat her eyes.  She has recently discovered her hands and is always putting them in her mouth, I think she will probably start teething soon!  She is finally able to hold her own pacifier in her mouth now too.  I decided to give her a Lovey because she was constantly putting her dresses and burp clothes in her mouth.  She's also discovered her voice.  She coos and makes all sorts of cute noises, I call them her stories and she loves to tell them often. 

We've been very blessed with a good baby.  If she's crying it means 1 of 2 things, she's hungry or she's tired.  She is still eating roughly ever 2-3 hours and is gaining weight like a champ.  She will go on Tuesday for her 4 month shots and we will get her current stats at that time.  We recently took the body support out of her car seat which means she's definitely a big girl now.  I also put away all of her long-sleeved 3 month clothing which was tough.  If we don't have another girl some day all of those cute clothes will either be saved or sold or donated and its kind of hard to imagine. 

Georgia is a very social butterfly.  We bring her just about everywhere with us.  She's been to 2 weddings so far this summer, she's been to the winery, she's been to New Glarus Wisconsin, she loves the grocery store because there is so much to look at.  We bring her to dinner at least once a week with us, sometimes more.  She got to go in the pool for the first time on my birthday and she loved it.  She was so content and the water was perfect.  In another 2 months we can bring her to the Y to the water babies class which I am really excited for.  She behaves so well wherever we go so it's easy to bring her with us.  She likes to be carried in the SSC and in the Solly and usually falls right to sleep in either of those.

Watching her grow continues to be an amazing experience.  As much as I want her to stay little, seeing her evolve into a tiny person with a personality is pretty awesome.  We are really enjoying the summer with her and we cannot wait to continue to take her on adventures and do all sorts of fun activities with her!  Happy 4 months to our peach!


  1. She just keeps getting cuter and cuter! You are blessed to have such a happy baby. I'm sure you feel she was well worth the wait.

  2. She has so much personality in the photos now! 4 months is so fun because it's when they wake up to the world! However, my kids always hit the 4 month sleep regression bad.... so that's the no fun part. Beware!

  3. She is just the cutest!! It's sad that they grow so fast but each stage of growth is more fun and exciting then the last :)

  4. She is absolutely perfect and Im still so so happy for you!


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