Monday, August 14, 2017

Tips for Retuning to Work

So I've been back at work full time since May 1st.  I always knew that I would return to work and never really got to consider staying home.  Although a part of me would love to, I am meant to be working and after just building a house two years ago, it takes both of our income to pay our bills and live a comfortable lifestyle.  I enjoy my job and if I were to take off a few years to stay home with my kids, this job wouldn't be waiting for me when I was ready to return to work so it really made the choice to come back easy. 

My maternity leave lasted a mere 9 weeks, one reason I'm actually thankful that I ended up with a C-section is it did get me an extra 2 weeks off, but still not nearly enough time at home with my new baby.  I was lucky though that Georgia was going into familiar and very capable hands.  She spends 3 days a week with my mom & step dad who are both retired and she spends 2 days at in-home daycare with a friend of mine.  I like the balance of the two because it gets her some one-on-one attention with grandma and grandpa, but it also gets her socialized and used to older kids, and less attention which she will need when she starts school. 

Although returning to work was very hard, it got better over time to leave her each day.  There are definitely some things that can make it a little easier when it comes time to leave your babe.

--If at all possible, (which I understand, unfortunately it is not for everyone) have your sitter bring baby to work on your lunch break.  Or if you can, go see your baby on your lunch!  My mom brings Georgia to me 3x a week so I can nurse her on lunch & it definitely helps to break up my day.  When I was little I remember my mom would come to my grandmas every day for her 1 hour lunch so she could eat & see us.  Now as a mother myself I understand how precious that 30-60 minutes is.

--Have lots of pictures to look at!  I have a picture of Georgia for my desktop background, & one of the best things I got was a digital frame that I have right by my desk, I brought it my first day back, one so I could stare at her all day, and two because I knew people would want to see pictures of her.  Now they can watch a little slide show of her. 

--Use FaceTime when you can.  If you get set breaks, take a minute to FaceTime or Skype with your sitter and your baby.  We haven't had to use this yet, but I would imagine one day we will.

--Ask for updates.  I don't get too many pictures from my parents, but I do get at least one photo and update from daycare on the days she is there.  Just seeing a quick snap of her really brightens my day.

--Check the daycare website or Facebook page.  I know some daycares actually keep an updated website &/or Facebook, some even have an app, where you can check on your kiddo and see what they've been up to.  Even if you can't see a photo, seeing how many naps they've taken, or even how many dirty diapers they've had will give you a little reassurance that they're doing ok!

--If you feel the need, take a vacation day and spend time with your kids.  The time I am off, I spend with her, I bring her everywhere with me for the most part. Sometimes I'll take a Friday off or a half day so that I can maybe run an errand or two while she's at daycare and then see her for a couple extra hours that day.  I don't have much else I would be using my vacation for & I can't think of a better reason to take a day off then to spend it with my girl!

I know everyone's work situation is different and none of these things may be possible for some working parents, but just remember, your work day will come to an end and you WILL get to see your baby at the end of your day.  Being away from my baby during the day makes the time that I do have with her on the evenings and weekends even more valuable and coming home to her smiling little face after knowing I've been gone all day working to provide for her is the most rewarding thing I could ask for. 


  1. In the beginning it was a HUGE help that the daycare sent me pictures of Bowen there smiling and happy. It made me relived for sure!! I would love to be able to drop by and see him during the day but time/distance doesn't allow for that to happen. Now that he is almost two if I were to go by there he would NOT be happy when I left! haha These are all great tips and it sounds like you have the ideal situation with both family and daycare keeping Georgia.

  2. I just went back to work this week after having 12 weeks with my newborn baby girl and it was SO HARD. I cried like three times on Monday. I hope to one day be able to stay home with her, but for now I have a slide show of her pictures scrolling on my desktop! ;)

  3. Great tips! It's so special that you get to see her on your lunch a few days a week! That is really awesome!


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