Monday, January 22, 2018

Georiga June 11 Months

How my baby is 11 months already I cannot figure out!  This last month was a big one!  It entailed Christmas, New Years, and a family vacation!  If you guys remember right around her 10 month update we had spent an evening in the ER with an upper respiratory infection which she was diagnosed with on the 20th.  She was luckily feeling a little better each day but it did take time and I felt terrible that she was not 100% for her first Christmas.  The plus side I suppose is that she won't remember her first Christmas and how under the weather she was.  As usual she was an absolute trooper through it all and more pleasant than anyone could've expected from a baby who was so sick.

Georgia still has 0 teeth and isn't showing any signs of teething yet.  Being that I am still nursing, this really doesn't alarm me at all, I'm actually thankful for it!  She's continuing to walk with her walker like a champ but has yet to stand or take any steps unassisted yet.  I always joke with her that her feet are too small and still need to catch up with the rest of her body (she still has little infant feet) but I know sooner than later we will be chasing her around the house as she runs away from us.

Over this last month Georgia has been perfecting blowing kisses and giving kisses and it's the sweetest thing.  When she hears "muah" from someone she puts her little hand up to her mouth and just says "mmm", "mmm", "mmm" over and over again.  She also is now pointing to what she wants and where she wants to go.  When it comes to what she wants it's almost always food.  This is a trait she definitely got from me!  She LOVES food and has tried everything we eat including sushi, (nothing raw), pizza, dark chocolate, and tons of other stuff like fruit, eggs, crepes, pasta, steak, yogurt and more.  She is not picky at all.  Once she turns a year we will finally get to introduce peanut butter to her.  We are waiting until she is 12 months, but I have no doubts that she will be fine with it and totally love it!

Georgia's biggest event of the month was going out of the country for the first time (at just 10 months old!) on her very first family vacation.  Punta Cana was an absolute blast and she did amazing.  She did end up with a slight fever for about 24 hours and a little bit of heat rash but other than that she did great.  I have a big post coming up next week about my tips for traveling with a baby for all of you who asked. 

Winter is crappy and cold in Illinois so we have been cooped up and we are ready to get Georgia outside!  She got a swing and slide combo for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa which we cannot wait to put outside.  It's currently in the basement.  She also got an adorable Moana 4-wheeler that she loves to ride around downstairs but we will definitely take it out to the yard come spring!  Up next is 1st birthday party festivities.  Her birthday is Feb 22nd and her party is Feb 24th and the theme is Sweet as a Peach.  I cannot wait to share all the details with you guys but that's as much as I want to give away for now. 

Georgia loves to cuddle with mama and it is the sweetest thing.  I still hold and rock her to sleep every night, and I am still nursing, 2 things which will be big changes for both of us over the course of the next few months as I begin to wean her and transition her into her own room.  Her 12 month appointment is the first week of March so I plan to nurse her until then and then begin the process of weaning.  I have around 400oz of frozen milk that she will continue to get in addition to regular milk.  The next big step will be moving her out of our room and letting her get herself down.  I think this will definitely be the harder of the 2 for her to get used to but I'd like her to be in her own space sooner than later as we will be planning to expand our family hopefully this summer.  If anyone has been in a similar situation (cosleeping & bed sharing for 12+ months & then transitioning to a crib) please tell me how you did it!

It has been an amazing 11 months and we are so thankful for our little miracle every day.  She puts a smile on our faces with every passing minute (although there are times we also want to throw her out the window, don't get me wrong) and we love watching the little person she is becoming.  Happy 11 months Georgia June!


  1. I love this! She is such a big girl!!!

  2. Consider yourself lucky with the no teething yet! When we transitioned our boys to their own room, we went straight to a bed and skipped the crib. That way we could still snuggle them to sleep. It was an easy transition since but much changed other than the room. As far as weaning, I did that much later at a different time. But I did love the book Nursies When the Sun Shines, although that is just about night weaning. Good luck!

  3. She just seems like the happiest little love!

  4. I love that you still rock her to sleep. Autumn is 2 1/2 and in a full bed in her own room. But guess what? I lay down with her every night and stay until she falls asleep. She has never gone to bed on her own, and I don't plan on it! Georgia is such a beautiful, happy girl. Love your updates. xoxo

  5. I can't believe she is almost one! I can't wait to see how her birthday turns out. Bowen never would sleep in our bed which is good and bad at the same time so I don't have advice there. Even at 2yo I still rock him to sleep at night then put him in his crib after that. I just figure at some point he will be too big for me to rock so I will enjoy it while he is little. It has kind of turned into our nightly routine, he just goes and climbs up in the recliner in his room.

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