Thursday, February 22, 2018

Georiga June - 1 year

I'm sitting here attempting to type this and still in complete shock that an entire year has passed.  I remember my labor and your birth so vividly, although once I was given the spinal for my C section things do get blurrier for a while, I would do anything to relive those first few hours & days with you again.  Unfortunately it's impossible, but I am thankful for every photo taken that day and every day since that capture our journey as first time parents to our daughter that we waited so long for.  Now we are here, on this day, celebrating your first birthday.  It falls on a Thursday.  You are at daycare with your friends and I am at work.  You won't remember it.  I am secretly kicking myself for not taking this day off to spend with you, but then I remind myself that your birthday party is this weekend and we cannot wait to celebrate you.

I've never had a year like this in my life.  For a long time, years felt like they were never ending as we tried with every bit of strength and determination we could muster to have a child.   A new year would come, yet we were still stuck in a rut doing the same thing over and over again, there wasn't much change in our lives as we just rode that rollercoaster over and over again & it wasn't a big fun roller coaster like at 6-Flags, it was one of those tiny little rollercoasters that you see at your small-town carnivals.  Don't get me wrong, life was fun, we only had a dog and a cat to take care of, we could get on the bike and ride for miles whenever we wanted, we could impulsively hang at the bar on a Friday night last-minute, we didn't have a baby to consider and life was good, but there we were, still on that tiny rollercoaster when it came to building our family; something my heart desired more than ANYTHING.

Over this last year, every day is seriously like a brand new adventure as you grow and change right before our eyes.  It's amazing to watch as your little personality continues to blossom each day.  You love to babble, you're definitely a morning person, you love your bath, you hate diaper changes & getting dressed, you can move extremely quick & are so close to walking, your hair is growing like a weed (thank you Amy for giving my child that amazing quality!), your feet are so tiny still, you have zero teeth, you sleep in our bed every night and mama still rocks you to sleep in her arms every evening.  You can put a smile on the face of anyone and we make loads of friends literally everywhere we go, people cannot help but approach you as you're such an inviting little soul with beautifully blue eyes and a perfect little smile.  I like to call you ham & cheese because you have a little scrunchy face that you sometimes give to people you're really trying to charm.  You love to give kisses but only on your terms, not when we ask for one.  You love your puppy, kitty, and the vacuum (seriously this girl loves the vacuum and points to it every day & screams with laughter when we run it), and of course prefer to play with everything that is NOT a toy vs. the hundreds of toys that you do have. 

You are currently about 20 pounds, my little peanut, but your head circumference I'm guessing is still in the high 90th percentile.  For being on the smaller side (37% for weight) you have an appetite like no other baby I have ever seen.  You want to eat (and do eat) everything in sight.  I mean everything.  You are still nursing, but that journey is coming close to an end soon and although mama will miss it a lot, she's ready to be done with the pump. You have a special relationship with your daddy and although he always wanted a boy, he would not trade you for the world.  He gets you dressed every morning and although sometimes your shirt is on backwards or he gags while changing a poopy diaper, he always gets an A for his effort. 

Sometimes I still cannot believe this is real life.  It's easy to get caught up in the day to day stuff as a mom, but every once in a while when I take step back it still sometimes doesn’t even feel real.  Our struggle becomes a blur and there you are and I know that it all happened the way it did, in the time it took, because YOU were the child we were meant to have.  I know this birthday isn't one you'll ever remember, but for me it's just another symbol of what we overcame for you.  Happiest of first birthdays to the most wonderful little being I have ever known. 


  1. Happy birthday to Miss Georgia!! I can not believe she is a year old! Oh how I wish I could go back to those first few days too but with the knowledge I have now so I could enjoy those days instead of being in a panic of what to do with him! haha

  2. Happy birthday Georgia!!!

    If Georgia's vacuum obsession continues, she'll be like my nephew. He was in heaven if he saw a row of vacuums at a store and the first thing he'd ask when he went to someone's house is if he could play with their vacuum!

    This was so beautifully written!!!

  3. awww...that sweet Georgia Peach!! Happy Birthday, my love!! I am so incredibly happy this year has been so amazing for your family!! Here's to many more!!

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