Friday, June 29, 2018

DEFET Details

If you're like, wtf is DEFET?, let me explain... Donor Egg Frozen Embryo Transfer, also known as DEFET.  As most of you are all aware, we are currently on track to be transferring our next embryo for baby #2!  As of Monday evening my period had started so I emailed my clinic & was given instructions on Tuesday to start Estradiol (2x day) and baby aspirin (1x day) we also started Delestrogen on the 28th which is taken every 3 days and it's only 4 doses.  Delestrogen is administered just like progesterone in oil, which is intramuscularly in the butt cheek.  I've had a lot of questions about the baby aspirin and I will tell you that not all clinics add this to their protocol.  It's used to improve blood flow and is also considered to be an anti-inflammatory.  If I get pregnant I take it until 18 weeks.  Do I believe it will make a cycle successful, no, but I don't it can hurt at all either. 

I had my baseline ultrasound on 6/27 and all was clear.  I go back on 7/9 for a follow up and lining measurement to make sure my Estradiol & Delestrogen have been doing their jobs, but I've never had an issue with my lining so I'm not too concerned with that.  I also start PIO and Prometrium (2 forms of progesterone, one IM injection & one vaginal suppository) on the 10th with our transfer to follow on the 16th!

Originally I had booked our flights for 7/11 returning the 16th, I thought I would be able to transfer a little sooner than what I am actually scheduled for so I panicked when I had to reschedule my flights, however due to medical reasons I was able to do so without the $200 x ticket penalty they were originally quoting me.  We fly to Georgia on Saturday the 14th, transfer on Monday the 16th, and return on Wednesday the 18th.  Our donor is off all the days that we are there which is awesome!  We are hoping for a parents night out on Saturday night and then maybe the zoo and Melting Pot on Sunday with the kiddos.  They've been kind enough to open their house up to us as well.  I can't wait for all the kids to meet, Georgia is going to be obsessed with all of them.  She just loves kids.  So I am really looking forward to having a fun few days while we are there.

I'm guessing that my beta will be the following week, around the 26th or so.  As excited as I am, I'm trying to remember there is always a chance it won't work.  Even with our 5 highly-graded embryos, there is never a 100% guarantee that comes along with this.  The logistics of this process alone are complicated and expensive enough so I am being as hopeful as I can that this WILL WORK first time around.  I do believe the odds are in our favor, however our record is still a losing one at 6-1, so I'm hoping we can bring it to 6-2 this round!  I'll try to keep updates here on the blog  of everything that is going on. 

PS. for some reason I have not been receiving blog comments via email so I am sorry I have not been responding if you've left a comment.  I have tried to come on here and reply to them on the post, but I'm hoping I fixed the email feature for good.  I try to respond to all comments via email as long as you aren't a no-reply blogger. 


  1. So so so excited!!!! So much baby dust being sent to you!

  2. Thank you Elena for being such an advocate for all those struggling infertility and telling your story so eloquently. My fingers are crossed for you!!

  3. I think it's an issue with blogger but if you fixed it please tell me how you did it!!! Yay so excited for you all!!

  4. Praying for successful transfer for you. PS I switched to Disqus for the same reason!

  5. Good luck! I'm so excited to watch your family grow!

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