Friday, June 22, 2018

Georgia June - 16 Months

my beautiful babe, blue eyes, red hair, and cheese all over her outfit... 

Sixteen months already!?  Where has the time gone?  Georgia had a wellness checkup 2 weeks ago and she weighed in at 23lbs, 31" tall, with a head circumference of 19".  Her proportions are finally starting to equal out a bit.  At 23 pounds she is in the 70th percentile, and at 31" she is also in the 70th percentile--this is up from the 35th percentile at her 12 month check so she definitely had a growth spurt.  Georgia's head size still hovers above average at the 99th percentile which it's been at for her entire life. 

Georgia has certainly turned into a toddler.  She has a fierce personality and attitude to match, but she is also so fun, sweet, and loving.  She is very independent, but also likes to cling to mama for dear life most of the time when we are home.  When we are out, it's a different story.  At the local carnival she was more than happy to be dancing around in front of the band all by herself.  She made friends, kissed strangers, and took in ALLLL the sights she could.  She played pick-a-duck a few times and won herself a few fun prizes. 

Georgia still only has a few teeth, 5 to be exact, which we just started brushing.  She loves to do it herself without any help.  She almost has more hair than I do and it's starting to lighten up, but still has such a pretty reddish tint to it.  She has an amazing appetite and we really haven't found anything she won't eat except maybe celery and spinach, if it's in a pureed form she is fine, she absolutely loves food pouches so we go through about a dozen of those a week which are a great way for her to get her fruits and veggies in.  Her other favorites are blueberries, string cheese, goldfish crackers, yogurt melts, watermelon, banana, and sweet potato.  She is still wearing 12-18 month clothing most of the time but we've got her in some 18 month stuff too.  It's nice that their growth slows down eventually and you can actually put them in an outfit more than one time!

attempt at 16 month picture gone wrong, but look at all that hair

Talking has easily become G's favorite pastime.  Seriously, this girl has SO MUCH to say, (just like mama), now if only we could understand her!  She can say about a dozen words including mama, dada, woof woof, open, shut, bath, pouch, hi, bye, hot, sit, vroom vroom, and duck.  She loves books but rarely ever sits still long enough to read through one in its entirety.  She very rarely ever plays with the iPad like she had been a couple months ago which is nice.  I really didn't want her head buried in a screen too much but she really isn't whining for my phone like she had been before.  

We've been spending a ton of time outside and really are just loving all things summer.  We got our giant 7' unicorn sprinkler and a baby pool along with a water table and sandbox outside, all of which she loves.  We also have my aunts pool where we spend most of our weekends.  It's been in the high 90's the last week or so so we definitely have been taking advantage and swimming as much as we can.  This weekend is Joe's birthday (fun fact, Joe and Georgia share the same birthday date, the 22nd) and we are going to Wisconsin Dells with our camper for the weekend.  It's supposed to cool down to the mid-70's which will be perfect for camping! 

Over the next few weeks we will be getting ready for our frozen embryo transfer as well.  My period should be coming any day now & as soon as it starts we can schedule our baseline & get a transfer date set!  As long as AF comes in time then we will be looking at a transfer date of like 7/12-ish. 


  1. Such a cutie pie!! Excited to hear about your transfer :)

  2. Such a beautiful spunky little girl!

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