Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Sibling Cycle Update - Beta Hell

Just wanted to give you guys a quick update as I know so many of you have been patiently waiting for us to share our news.  If you remember our transfer of one 4AA embryo was Monday July 16th.  The following week on Thursday we had our first beta at 10dpt and it came in at 77.  The clinic said anything over 30 is what they wanted to see so we were very optimistic about this number, however I had a lingering worry because our first beta with Georgia was abnormally high (967) and I felt like this number was a little lower than I would've liked to see although certainly still positive!

They wanted me back Monday (7/30) for beta number two so all weekend I took home pregnancy tests so that I could make sure that the line was progressing because I wasn't 100% confident in the number.  I went in early for my blood draw on Monday and didn't find out until after lunch that my number, although had risen, only went up to 96 in a 72 hour window.  It didn't even come close to doubling which, if you're not familiar, is what they are looking for with HCG levels.  85-90% of "normal" pregnancies have an HCG level that doubles every 48-72 hours. 

The clinic doesn't want me to go back until next Monday, however I only have enough progesterone in oil and progesterone suppositories to get me through this weekend so I will be requesting a Friday blood draw so we can at least see where we are at.  If the number has dropped then we know I can stop meds, if it's increased at all, then I can order more meds and continue to wait to see what happens.

I know that there can be exceptions to the "rule"--we are basically hoping for the best and preparing for the worst at this point and trying to remain positive that this pregnancy decides to stick around.  I'm trying hard not to compare it with my pregnancy with Georgia, but has been a challenge not to.  At this point this is all we know and all we can say.  It's not the announcement we were hoping for at all, but this is just a part of infertility that I feel is important to share. 

A friend reminded me that there are many people who have been in similar situations with their beta number and have still had a resulting live birth and another girl reminded me that if this was a natural pregnancy and I was just taking HPTs then my tests would be indicating I was pregnant and I wouldn't have any idea what my beta levels were.  Again, trying to remain hopeful but also preparing for the worst.  We are so thankful to everyone for their continued thoughts and prayers and vibes.  I will continue to update here and more often on my Instagram if you're interested in following along.


  1. I went through this with my daughter. I had a miscarriage before my son, which started the whole blood work hell with him. So I had a number to compare to. I had two miscarriages before hers, all monitored by blood work due to history so it was a rollercoaster. Her initial numbers were WAY lower than my son's and the 2nd round wasn't impressive. I also got mine done on a Friday which lead to some Level 100 crazy phone calls on Saturday to get ANYONE to read my results. It was awful. I googled my numbers a thousand times for success stories and found almost none. It was heartbreaking. Thankfully, it worked out. I just wanted to say, I've been there, you're not alone, and that miracles can happen from things that statistically end negatively. Praying for you all during this hellish wait. Hoping you get some good news soon!

  2. Praying for you and your fam and keeping the faith that the pregnancy sticks :)

  3. Such a tough spot...prayers for a healthy pregnancy!!

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