Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Got my ass in a lawn chair, toes in the clay...

Happy Memorial Day! (well a day late at least).  Yesterday was spent cleaning and recovering from our 1st Annual Ridley Memorial Day Campout Extravaganza.  We hosted a camping weekend at our property Saturday, Sunday, & Monday and it was fun & hot!  I busted my ass on one leg to prep for it all afternoon Friday.  I made pasta salad, taco salad, bacon ranch dip, anti pasta skewers, cake balls, & cake batter cookies.  We had such a good time and it was very relaxing.  Pretty proud of myself for being able to rough it in the condition that I'm in, although, a pop-up has king size beds so I don't know if you can really considered it "rough".  I rented a porta-potty which also worked out amazingly.  I am a pretty great party planner (or at least I think I am...) check out some pics from our weekend:

So many great things going on in our lives right now.  We are definitely living the dream being happy & pretty healthy.  Speaking of healthy, I have an appointment tomorrow at Rush in Chicago.  It's been about 7 weeks since I had surgery & a little over 8 weeks since the accident.  They are supposed to take x-rays of my entire leg in hopes that the bones in my foot, ankle, and pelvis bones are healed, also hoping that my knee is progressing along as its supposed to.  

No new news in the baby making business.  Just keeping trying & having fun living the married life.  I'm not sure that it's the best time to get pregnant being that I'm on crutches and can't even support my own body on two legs let alone support a baby in the belly.  

My next post will be more exciting news that we aren't quite ready to reveal yet... hoping to announce it tomorrow!


  1. Was all your food from pinterest!? :)
    Can't wait to see what the news is!

  2. Yes, everything was from Pinterest except for the Taco Dip and the Pasta Salad, those I have been making forever & they are both delish as well, thank god for Pinterest recipes though! they were all a hit!


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