Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Drum Roll Please....

So not only do I have one piece of exciting news to reveal, I have two!!

1st & foremost is that I am officially OFF MY CRUTCHES, and able to put weight on my leg & drive!! What a relief.  I had an appointment today up at Rush in Chicago with my doc & he said I'm good to go!  I had my fingers crossed that I would get the green light from him to be able to start walking & driving, but I didn't want to get my hopes up too much.  But got great news!

2nd piece of news is that Joe & I bought a house in a neighboring town that we are planning to flip & sell in hopes of making a nice little profit to put down on our house that we plan to build.  So we are officially homeowners together!  This is the first home that I have owned.  We have so many plans for it to update it and make it a perfect starter home.  It's a brick bungalow, two bedrooms, two car garage, full basement.  It's got beautiful etched windows & amazing trim throughout.  The bathroom & kitchen will be updated & probably the back porch area.  We got the house for a great deal & we can't wait to start working on it. We will live there for a few months or longer then we will put it on the market & hope to get the ball rolling on the house we plan to build sooner than later!  We are very excited & looking forward to starting this new adventure & we will be able to start sooner since I will be able to walk again!  

Such a wonderful day today!  Lot's of great things happening in our life, now we just need to work on getting that baby Ridley bump :) 


  1. Congratulations on vote pieces of news!
    I would love to be able to flip a house. Hope you post pictures on here!

    1. I will be posting pics soon, I am planning to take some "before" photos this weekend!


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