Wednesday, June 06, 2012

back at it baby!!!!!!!

I decided that my ride on the bike this weekend is blog-worthy.  The last time I rode was April 1st, the day of the accident.  Since I was on crutches and unable to put weight on my leg, I (along with my mother who insisted I better not!) decided I better not ride until I am released from the doctor to go without crutches & weight bare.  Since we all know I got the green light last week, I made up my mind Saturday afternoon & we took a ride.  I can't get my leg over the bike so Joe has to lift me on, but my brace allows me to bend my knee 90 degrees so I can sit comfortably.  We stopped at my aunt and uncle's house in the neighboring town & they also ride so we decided to hit up Skoogs for some grub and brews.  It was very relaxing & it felt great to be able to enjoy it without fear.  I was definitely more cautious, & tried to watch everything that was going on around us (maybe a little too much), but it was so worth it & I'm so glad that I decided to do it!

Also, I thought I would include a picture of our bike that we had before the accident.  Joe worked on this bike all winter, he tore it down to the frame and everything was custom & how he wanted it.  We rode it 3 times before we got in the accident.  The 2nd pic is after the accident.  Pretty heartbreaking to see all of Joe's hard work taken away in the blink of an eye, but more importantly, we were ok... & we got a new bike anyway! (3rd pic)

Hoping the next post will be pics of our new house.  Not sure on the closing date yet, but have TONS of ideas for our remodel...check out my pin board on Pinterest... For our Flip.

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