Tuesday, June 26, 2012

just keep swimming...

 First off let me start by saying...

Friday was Joe's 29th birthday.  I actually started the celebration on Thursday by buying him a six pack of Sam Adams Porch Rocker (similar to Leinie Summer Shandy), garlic bbq shrimp skewers & a steak kakbob for the grill, along with a card that he picked out himself at HyVee last weekend when we were looking for Father's Day cards.  It plays bad to the bone, & the dog can't figure it out, it drives him crazy.  I also gave him his present which was a new windshield for the bike.  The one that he had was a big, clear, ugly looking thing, the one I got him is black, low profile, & it has flat black flames etched into it, looks sooo much better!  

Friday I took him out to Bartley's our favorite restaurant here in town.  It's a tiny little place that's only open a few days a week.  Mostly filled with old people, not really a place where the "hip youngsters" would go, but we love it.  Best alfredo sauce hands down & they make a mean Southern Comfort Old Fashioned, which Joe normally drinks 3 of.  I highly recommend it to all locals, just be sure to make a reservations.  

I found this quote via Pinterest.  It made me think about how busy we have been this summer & how much we have going on & how fast it is all going by, but this quote made me feel better about it all, because remember #YOLO!  Moving forward in life, moving on from things, literally moving, being motivated, doing things, keep the momentum going in life!

Saturday I went on my usual grocery shopping & lunch trip with my mom, then headed to my dads to go boating.  It is one of my favorite summer activities and it has been my whole life.  I grew up boating and being on the river.  It was fun, can't wait to go again! Check me out in my L*Space fringe swimming suit!

So next was the "Slap Bet, Pizza Challenge" between Joe and his friend Mike.  Joe had to eat a large, deep dish, LaGrotto's pizza in 90 minutes.  If you know Joe you know he is stubborn & has an appetite, so I had no doubt in my mind that he could easily do this... well, it didn't quite go as he had planned, and 20 minutes in, he threw up some crust and lost.  The winner gets to slap the loser 3 times whenever they want.  One slap was already spent at LaGrottos in front of all 20+ of our friends and family that came to watch, plus anyone else who happened to be patronizing the place at the time.  It was fun, but I was sad to see Joe lose.  We did wear our matching "Bazinga" shirts, to get that you must be a fan of Big Bang Theory, and to get the idea of a "Slap bet" you must be a fan of How I Met Your Mother!

Sunday morning we woke up, went to breakfast, then my friend Jessica and I went to a local winery, August Hill in Utica.  We are wine club members there so we get to do wine tastings for free & Jess still had wine to pick up from last Will Call so we thought it would be a fun Sunday afternoon event.   We had a blast, drank wine, ate cheese, soaked up the sun, our friend Laura met us there & we just chit chatted & got our buzz on.  If you've never been to August Hill I highly recommend it!

Sunday evening we took a limo down to Bloomington for dinner at Biaggi's it was amazing and we had such a great time in the limo.  We were celebrating all the June birthday's, Father's Day, my dad & step mom's anniversary, & anything else we could think of to celebrate.  

All in all an amazing weekend filled with good friends & good food & great wine!   We close on our house this Friday and we are having a garage sale at my aunt's house so lots of things going on once again.  Can't wait to get started on the updating of the new house!

And stayed tuned for an upcoming post, I'll be doing my first giveaway!  

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