Monday, June 11, 2012

adventures in baby-making...

So I decided that since my blog is named baby Ridley bump, I should probably blog a bit about our journey to get pregnant.  

Joe & I got married in September of last year.  We've talked about having kids since the beginning of our relationship, we even considered have a baby before we got married, but thought if we did that, we may never get married & marriage is very important to both of us.  So in February of last year when we were on our second cruise & celebrating our three year anniversary and Valentine's day out in the middle of the ocean heading for St. Thomas, Joe proposed & it was truly the happiest day of my life at that time.  We had been together just over three years & I had been anxiously & patiently waiting for him to propose.  I knew right away, when Joe and I got together that we would be forever.  When he and I started dating it was at a time in my life where I was very vulnerable and going through a lot of changes for the better.  I knew that if I was going to be in a relationship it was going to be a serious one & Joe and I had known each other at the time for a few years.  His younger brother Jon, who is my age, is married to my best friend since kindergarten, Jodie, they have been together for about ten years, so I knew Joe and his family for awhile.  Joe and I had talked on MySpace (yeah, facebook at the time was only for college students) and kind of caught up a few times & made plans to hang out one night & we have been together & inseparable every since.  He came into my life at the perfect time & has been my rock & my strength since.  

So now we have been together for over four years, we are married, & we are ready to start our family.  Right now our baby is our pug Frankie & he will always be our baby.  I am anxious to see how he will react to an actual baby... probably pretty jealous is what I am assuming.  Anyway, we have been trying since about October with no such luck.  We know that it will happen when it's meant to happen, but it is kind of a let down each month we go without achieving the result we are after & it does make you start to wonder if something is wrong, & maybe we will end up having to see the doctor.  Kinda shoots down your ego a bit too!  I haven't even had to take a pregnancy test yet because I get the worst cramps usually about a week before my period.  I have been off birth control for right around I year.  I've read it can take the average couple four to six months to get pregnant, but that you don't need to see a doctor until you've tried for over a year, so we aren't quite to that point yet.  In the beginning I used WebMD ovulation calculator to help keep track of my ovulation, I've also used an ovulation test.  People tell me that I should just let it happen naturally without counting and calculating because that can cause stress, but now that I've been counting and calculating for the last several months, there's no way I wouldn't be secretly doing it in my head anyways.  

So this weekend is a baby-making weekend & I have a good feeling about it, I've had good feelings before though & my feeling has been wrong!  I'm stocking up on whole grains & pre-natal vitamins this week, taking in more than usual, just a little boost to hopefully increase my chances.  I love whole grain foods anyways, I love quinoa, which Joe calls bird seed, but you can do literally anything with it!  Check out my pinboard on Pinterest for a few quinoa recipes (and other amazing dishes!) Yummy Stuff!  I also like making whole grain wraps for lunch with The Laughing Cow light cream cheese spread, some ham, cucumber, etc.  Whole grains are supposed to be really good to boost fertility & they're also loaded with other nutritional benefits.

All in all, nothing really serious going on, this is what I want my blog to be about, the journey of getting pregnant, being pregnant (fingers crossed!), and life with a baby.  I know I have some readers out there, many which may be mommies... any words of encouragement, wisdom, advice, even a let down??  For now were just going to keep trying as we have been & enjoying our lives as newly weds, & enjoying our fun-filled summer!


  1. I have known Joe for quite some time (since 5th grade) and I want to say Im very happy for both of you in this journey but like you said it will happen when its meant to happen. I wish you the best of luck. Babie are a blessing and fun and full of love. I cant give any tips cuz I was one of those I only got pregnant on birth control lmao. I hope you guys get ur desired result without the help of doctors. Best of luck to you guys!

  2. Good luck this weekend! It would be pretty cool to conceive on Father's Day...


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