Sunday, June 10, 2012

happy birthday to me!

So Friday was my 26th birthday!  Had a wonderful birthday weekend, aside from having to work through my lunch at work & having to stay late, then having physical therapy, everything was awesome.  We went out to a restaurant in t a neighboring town called Gunsmoke Bar & Grill at Cedar Creek Ranch.  They own 70 acres of land and they have horseback riding and an awesome restaurant/bar & patio area.  We had dinner & cake, then headed back to our house because across the street at the park Road Angel was playing for La Salle Fest, so free entertainment & something to do before we hit the bars.  We ended up at two different bars & we ended up staying out til last call & dancing our asses off, even with my brace off I can tear it up on the dance floor!  Couldn't believe it... & definitely feelin it the next day.

 Saturday we had a softball smoker for a local bar league.  My longtime friend Jessica and I went to that while Joe stayed home and recovered.  His 29th birthday is the 22nd, it's funny the older you get the longer your hangover seems to hang around!  Jessica ended up winning on a tip board so we did the shot-ski and had a few beers there, then ended up going to a benefit for a friend of ours where we continued drinking & finally eating!  Joe and I won an awesome canvass painting of the Vermillion River done by a local photographer that is well known for his photography of Starved Rock and the Vermillion & Illinois Rivers.  I also won a fantasy tan (spray tan) from Dr. Sodostrom's office which I am super pumped about!  After the benefit we went out to Starved Rock's veranda party to enjoy music by our good friends Mike Milligan & Steam Shovel, an awesome blues band from Indiana.  It's always a blast there & the weather & scenery was just beautiful!  


Today I went to my aunts pool and caught some rays & indulged in a few brews.  Planning to take it easy tonight & this week... another big weekend this weekend, the Freedom Run motorcycle ride is Saturday along with our good friends' wedding, tis' the summer season when we have more things to do than there is time to do them!

All in all a great weekend, got some awesome Harley stuff from Joe for my bday presents, got the signature on the contract on the house, got to swim, & most importantly spend time with all my amazing friends and family!

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