Sunday, June 17, 2012

nothin' sweeter than summertime...

Super busy weekend this weekend.  Yesterday we had the Freedom Run.  We try to do it every year.  It's a motorcycle ride that goes from the Grundy County Fair Grounds back to the Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial in Marseilles.  The wall is dedicated to all fallen soldiers from the Iraq War.  It's very emotional & such an amazing experience.  Mother's of those who have fallen read the names of those who have died in the last year.  It takes around three hours to get all the names read.  The moms are called Gold Star Moms.  My heart just breaks for them, but they are so strong. The ride is awesome, people line the streets with flags & it's almost like a parade once we get to Marseilles.  Lot's of support for the families of those who have lost a son or daughter.

Following the Freedom Run was the Lannen/Elms wedding.  The wedding was here in town, then the reception was in Peoria.  It was a blast.  The colors were pink & blue, very summery, colorful, & fun.  After the ceremony we drove down to Peoria, went to Sully's for a drink, then headed to the reception.  Such a fun night of drinking, eating, & and dancing!  I even went without my brace and I felt fine, a little swollen, by the end of the night, but not too bad.

The baby-making is going well... one reader pointed out that if I do get pregnant, we would have conceived Father's Day weekend, how amazing would that be!?  

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