Thursday, January 17, 2013

Random Ramblings...

Today I had a procedure done to make sure that my tubes are clear and that there is nothing blocking them.  It turned out well which I was so happy to hear, spill on both the left and the right & everything looks good.  It was hella uncomfortable when they injected me with the contrast, but I’m glad I had it done, now we know that we are both completely capable & it’s up to us to make it happen.  Fingers crossed (once again) for baby!

words to live by

Picked up the Escape on Tuesday, dropped it back off Wednesday to get EnviroGuard-ed, and picked her back up today.  I absolutely love it & I’m so glad I decided to get it.  It’s completely exceeding my expectations, & who knows maybe I’ll end up buying it once my lease is up… or maybe I’ll end up with a the 2016 model J

Tried an amazing recipe from Pinterest last night, the best one I’ve made in awhile, herb crusted chicken in basil cream sauce.  I’ve actually found a lot of successful recipes via Pinterest.  The one I made last night can be found here.  What I decided to do is create a new pin board called “Dinner this Week” that way when I’m scrolling through the 445 recipes that I have pinned making up my grocery list, I can repin the recipes I am planning on making to that board.  Sometimes it can take forever to find or even remember the recipes that I was planning on using so this will definitely help me when it comes time to cook dinners.

Super pumped that Justified started last week & Archer starts tonight.  Two of my favorite FX shows, Justified is probably my favorite show on TV, even better than SOA.  I’ve also been watching Parenthood on Netflix & I started Scrubs which was/is still one of my favorite TV shows of all time.  Thank god for DVR and Netflix, best creations ever.

Timothy Olyphant is GORG.

Archer is just fuckin funny, watch it!

We have a ski trip planned for the first weekend in February in Galena where we went for our one year anniversary.  We’re staying at Chestnut Resort which is where we did the fun slide back in September.  I plan to spend time at the bar, watching my friends ski.  I definitely won’t be skiing due to my knee injury, but there are a few other couples going with us and we are all totally looking forward to it.  I can’t wait to hang out downtown Galena drinking at the Galena Brewery & having black and blues at Benjamin’s, our favorite bar downtown. 

all kinds of drinks!

the slides at Chestnut!  Only during the summer... 

Oh yeah and only 134 more days til’ the cruise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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