Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Reiki-ssage & Valentine's Day

Once again I've been the biggest slacker when it comes to blogging.  Maybe nothing has been blog-worthy lately, but as of today, something has.  

After my procedure a few weeks ago, my doc recommended something called Reiki.  She called me a week or so later with a few Reiki Master's in our area.  Of course I Googled it immediately wondering what exactly it was, & I was skeptical, but at this point I'm willing to try anything to get pregnant, no matter how far fetched it may seem, or be.  I called Tina Dittle at Therapeutic Massage & Reiki Pros & set up an appointment for today.  I was nervous about going, but I have a pretty open mind & was looking forward to an hour of relaxation if nothing else.  She was absolutely amazing & gave me a couple of different perspectives on how we could approach getting pregnant, things that we may not have thought of at this point.  Also, the obvious things like trying not to stress & having fun with it.  I would highly recommend a Reiki-ssage to anyone who is just looking to relax & de-stress.  She started off by doing a gentle relaxing massage to help channel energy, followed by Reiki-reflex which is a massaging of the arms, legs, hands, and feet.  The intentions of these touches is to basically allow the flow of circulation and balance with relaxation.  The room was so warm, she had me under several blankets, face down at first, then face up for the reflexology, calming music was playing, it was dark, very tranquil, the perfect environment for relaxing.  She said to remember that things don't usually happen over night & to come back if I felt like I needed more practice in relaxing & relieving stress.  I am optimistic that this practice will help me worry less about the pressure of trying to get pregnant.  Once again... fingers crossed.

What's everyone's plans for Valentine's Day?  Since it falls on a Thursday, I doubt we will do much to celebrate.  Valentine's Day is a little more significant for us because it's the day that Joe proposed on, two years ago (I can't believe that was two years ago already!).  And we've always celebrated our "dating" anniversary on Valentine's Day even though it''s a couple of weeks before, we never could figure out an actual day that we started dating, it was at the end of January in 2008, but Valentine's Day is close enough.  Joe doesn't like to have two anniversaries, but I think it's an important one to recognize.  This will be our 6th Valentine's Day, & our 5 year anniversary, with many many more to come!  

Valentine's Day 2011

Valentine's Day 2012 (no pic of my jean jacket)

I already have a gift for Joe.  Men can be hard to shop for.  My go to gift when I am just stuck and can't come up with anything creative is a bottle of Joe's favorite whiskey, Booker's.  Which is not what he's getting this time around (if he's reading this).  It's $50 a bottle so I don't consider that a daily drink, that's what Busch Light is for.  Last year I got Joe Eric Church concert tickets, he got me a Guess jean jacket (he will never top Valentine's Day 2011 when he proposed!)  I try to be somewhat creative or at least not obvious, I"m usually pretty good at coming up with things that he isn't expecting.  The most important thing to do on Valentine's Day is just to celebrate how in love you are with the person you're in love with.  It's definitely not about the gifts or the Hallmark cards, of course you love your husband or wife every day, you say "I love you" every day, but take an extra moment to bask in that saying & what it means!  Reflect on how great your life is & how great it is to have the people in it that you do that you love.  I love this quote from Jack Kerouac: 

I hope everyone has an amazing Valentine's Day!  We are going to Peoria to see the Jersey Boys on Saturday and probably hitting up Burger Barge for a romantic date!  

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