Thursday, March 07, 2013

break from the blog

After another disappointing month of trying to get pregnant & big surprise, not being pregnant, I’ve decided it’s really time to stop trying to get pregnant.  Stop tracking days, stop counting, stop testing, stop planning FOR REAL.  It’s all just become too much for me to handle after 18 months of these methods and no results, it’s time for a change. 

Although we've gotten more snow in the last two weeks than we've seen in the last two years, I’m primed and ready for spring.  I’ve been busting my butt at the gym, running an average of 10 miles a week!  That’s new personal record for me that I didn't do even before the accident.  I’m really impressed with myself and the level that I've pushed myself to, especially after the accident.  When I finished physical therapy in November, I was running for ONE MINUTE, and then having to walk for 30 seconds.  Now I’m running 35 minutes, with no breaks in between, running around 2.5-2.6 miles in that time.  It’s not a fast paced run, and it’s not a lot of miles, but I’m slowly getting there.  I’m trying to be healthier food wise and exercise wise.   This is one of my new focuses in life.  Especially so that I’m beach ready for Bermuda in t-minus 84 days!

With warm weather fast-approaching (it was 80 degrees on April 1st last year!), I’m ready for the bike, for camping, swimming, boating, Limearita drinking (Strawberry flavor coming summer 2013!), wine festivals, our cruise, spontaneous adventures with my best girls, trips to Indy to visit my best friends & favorite nephew & niece (via Harley of course!), weddings, and anything else this spring/summer has in store for us.  I want to relax, have fun, and genuinely enjoy my life again.  I need to get out of this winter slump I’m in.  Winter always seems to be a struggle for me.  Those closest to me know this to be a proven fact.  Hello light therapy. 

It’s practically impossible for a person like me (type A all the way!) to give up control & let things happen as they are “meant” to happen.  You wouldn't believe how absolutely SICK and TIRED I am of hearing those words, “it will happen when it’s meant to happen”… I’m a believer in biology, sorry (oh ye, of little faith, right?)  But I also know how important it is to have some conviction too, I mean I believe in Karma, why not believe in destiny?

This all being said, I will also be taking a break from the blog (not that I post very often).  The baby-making journey we were on that I thought would be so different from what it has truly been, has reached a final destination, for now at least.  Anyone who has read this & anyone who has given me any kind of advice, support, etc, it’s been greatly appreciated!  Stay golden…

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