Friday, September 20, 2013

five on friday

One.  Vintage Illinois    
If you’re a wine connoisseur like I consider myself to be & you’re local, you should definitely check out Vintage Illinois.  It’s a wine festival held out a Matthiesson on Saturday & Sunday.  There will be 31 Illinois wineries.  It’s $20 a ticket (I believe it’s discounted for August Hill wine club members or pre-ordered tickets online here.)  Jessica and I are volunteering on Sunday from 11-2:30 so we actually get to participate for FREE!!  The weather is going to be perfect for this event.  Highly recommend checking it out if you’re local. 

vintage illinois 2012

Two.  Etsy Finds
After our garage sale I decided to treat myself to a couple new things & put the rest of the money in savings.  I’ve been eyeing up these billy ball flowers from TheFickleFeltTreefor a couple weeks now.  They are the perfect fall décor they can be up from September to November.  I’ve got a set of these in shades of grey that I leave out all year.  I just think they’re adorable.  I also bought throw pillow covers from studiotullia that I’ve had my eye on for a while now as well, and bonus, they were 20% off!  I love the shape of them.  All of my couch pillows are square, these are more rectangular, & I love the geometric pattern on them. 

billy balls!
cute throw pillows

Three. Toga Party
Jessica & Mike are throwing a toga party tonight at their house!  I’m not really sure what the occasion is, I’m not sure that there is one.  I haven’t been to a toga party since high school so I’m kinda looking forward to it.  I’ll definitely be posting pics.  Should be an interesting night!


Four.  New Hair
My fabulous friend Jen did (as usual) an amazing job on my new fall hair.  I did a similar look to this last summer, but I think fall is a more appropriate time for such a dark color, level 5 violet with an even darker low light.  I think I’ll keep this for my fall/winter look the rest of the year.  I used to take a lot of risks with my hair, I’ve had blonde hair, brunette hair, black hair, red hair, I’ve had a pixie cute, I wore extensions for years that I did myself.   The summer of our wedding I went blonde & kept it that way for about a year when I decided to do the level 5 violet underneath.  I love doing different fun things with my hair.  How coloring it all violet???

new hair!  always fun

Five.  Next Week
I really hate the idea of wishing my life away, even if it’s just by a week or so, but I am so excited for next week.  Tuesday is our anniversary & I can’t wait to give Joe his present, I have a couple other small surprises for him, I also have my appointment with Dr. Bon Tuesday to get on Clomid (is this real life?!), then Thursday Joe and I are getting another matching tattoo (to be revealed on next week’s Five on Friday) & going to Bartley’s to continue our anniversary celebration!

such a beautiful day. 9/24/11

Happy weekend lovelies!

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  1. Just visiting from 5 on Friday! I love the Etsy flowers! And the framed list beside it! I may have to just make one of those myself! :)


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