Friday, September 27, 2013

five on friday

One. Our Anniversary
Tuesday was our two year anniversary!  I can't believe how fast the time has just flown by since then.  I know I've said that in my last couple posts, but it still just blows my mind that it was two years ago already!  Joe loved his axe from Best Made Co (thanks to Jessica @ Little Baby Garvin for the reference on her blog) & was over the moon about his mini-whiskeys.  He was totally surprised & had no idea what I had up my sleeve.  He got me an awesome set of copper cups that I've been dying to have.  He got 2 different styles & I love both of them.  He also got me ginger beer, lime, & vodka.  I know what I'm drinking this weekend!

Joe with his new axe, his miniature whiskeys, & his mexican fiesta

my copper cups for Moscow Mules!
Two.  Tattoo
An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward.  When life is dragging you back with difficulties it means it's going to launch you into something great.  So just focus, and keep aiming.  So this is one of my favorite quotes of all time.  It represents so much for me on a personal level.  I, much like everyone else have had some pretty challenging struggles in my life.  I've overcome some of my own dark demons in the past, and now going through the struggle of infertility, this quote has an infinite amount of meaning to me.  

our 2nd matching tattoo <3

Three.  Camping
Tonight we are having a small camping get together at our property.  Hoping everyone can come & roast hot dogs on the fire & enjoy a few brews.  It should be the perfect night for it.  The weather has just been amazing lately.  Fall is officially here!

roasted mallows & hot dogs! yummmm! can't wait

Four.  Donut House Cinnamon Roll K-Cups
One of my co-workers buys the majority of the K-cups for my Keurig at work since he uses it most often (besides me of course).  When I got to work on Wednesday he had a couple boxes of the usual (along with some other goodies) plus a new box of the Donut House brand in Cinnamon Roll.  Once I opened the box I could smell these things, OMG, to die for.  Perfect for fall, something besides pumpkin spice, I just love them!

my coffee station at work <3

i am pretty spoiled at work, but i do a lot for the guys so i don't feel bad :)

Five.  Fall Favorite Movies
So last weekend I was really in the mood to watch Hocus Pocus & for probably the last 3 years I've really been dying to watch What Lies Beneath with Michelle Pfeiffer.  I couldn't find Hocus Pocus on Nexflix (or What Lies Beneath for the last 3 years!) or on TV until later this week so I was bummed (luckily Home Alone was on!)  I ended up getting on Amazon & ordering both movies plus Beetlejuice, one of my top 10 favorite movies since I was about 4 for around $20.  #iheartamazon  Now that I've watched these 3 I'm primed for AMC Fear Fest, Halloween is the best time of year for movies (except for Christmas of course!), I'm a die-hard scary movie buff.  I owe that to my dad for showing me Freddy Krueger at the age of 3.   

classic movies!

Happy weekend my loves, enjoy this beautiful weather!  

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