Tuesday, October 01, 2013

fall home decor

Well, I figured I would jump on the bandwagon & share a couple pics of my fall decor that's been up since Labor Day weekend.    I don't have a ton of Fall decorum, but I've slowly started adding a few new pieces this year.  I don't have a ton of surfaces to put things in this house, no fireplace mantle, or anything like that so I make due with what I've got.  

my center piece, soon these will be filled with candy corn & candles this weekend!

bill balls displayed in whiskey bottle I painted white

buffet table.  love that centerpiece

salted caramel candles & some fall flowers

Hoot Scentsy with Pumpkin Spice wax

my front porch, hard to see my burlap wreath, but it's there

wooden pumpkins in the kitchen on the window sill

mini pumpkins and pumpkin candles for the TV stand

Once it gets a little closer to Halloween I'll add a few other touches.  I have some cute kitchen towels, & a couple either things to still pull out.  One other thing I'm planning to add is burlap garland.  I still need to make it, but of course, Hobby Lobby isn't open on Sunday, & I didn't have time to get there any other day this week.  I'm  hoping to be able to use it all Holiday season including Christmas.

Ps. Ever since I put my pumpkins out on my front porch, someone comes by every couple days and messes with them, they put them all in a row on one step, or they put them all sporadically on different steps, they broke the stem off of one of my white ones this weekend so I moved them back all the way up to the door rather than so far forward.  When I came home today, they were moved again so I had to move them to the back porch.  Joe thinks that someone is just trying to be funny and playful, I think it's annoying & I wish I didn't have to keep moving them around every couple days.  So boo to that!  If the person that's messing with my pumpkins happens to be reading this, keep your hands off of them! <3

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