Friday, October 25, 2013

five on friday!

Happy Friday Friends!  Hope you all love the new blog layout!  It was time for a change!  

One. Snow
Yes.  Snow.  We got 1" of snow here in Illinois, no surprise, we are used to experiencing several seasons in one day, however this was pretty early to have this much snow actually stick to the ground & the snowflakes were like the size of quarters & it snowed for probably about an hour or so.  It was really beautiful to look it, it would've been really beautiful to look at while sipping Grappa & sitting in front of a fire somewhere, but le sigh, I was at work.  At least I was inside!  

noticeable amount of snow in the grass, on the pumpkins, and my glass outdoor table. 

Two. Galena Weekend
This weekend we area heading up to Galena with my parents for our anniversaries (theirs was 9/15 ours was 9/24).  They've never been so I can’t wait to show them around the perfectly quaint little town.  Bonus, it’s the Halloween parade downtown on Saturday so I’m super pumped to see that for the first time.  We are possibly taking the bike, but will definitely have to bundle up.  We’re staying at a villa at Eagle Ridge where we stayed for our honeymoon and our first anniversary.  Really looking forward to a quiet weekend away before next weekend’s Vegas trip!

hoping to have scenery like this on the ride up!

Three.  One-pan Chicken Alfredo
I found this recipe on Pinterest and let me just say WOW, sooo good and sooo easy.  Love that it’s all made in one pan, those are the easiest of recipes especially for cleanup reasons!  I followed the recipe pretty exact except for I used a cup of asiago (my favorite) & a cup of reduced fat parmesan.  It was really rich & filling.  Perfect for a hungry husband whose been working long hours outside in the fields all day struggling with allergies.  He was more than grateful. 

sooo easy & yummy!

Four. Christmas Garland (West Elm)
Of course like many others I’m sure, I recently purchased the Red Felt Garland from West Elm thanks to Jessica at Little Baby Garvin.  Shipping was free & I had 10% off so I got a little bit of a deal on it.  One of my favorite Etsy shops, TheFickleFeltTree also sells really adorable felt garland, some of which I purchased last year.  I thought this red strand would be a nice compliment to last year’s purchase.   I’m also planning on the bouquet of billyballs that match the garland.  Felt is oh-so fun!

billy balls to be ordered to match my garlands

Christmas garland I bought last year via Etsy!

Five. CNJ Style
A girl I know from a neighboring town just opened up this seriously adorable boutique in La Salle called CNJ Style.  She's got the hottest & most fashionable trends that you can order via her Facebook page or by stopping in her store downtown La Salle.  Her prices are AMAZING & she is so sweet & friendly.  I came home with an awesome haul of chevron, leopard, & pleather on Wednesday & I'm so excited to start shopping there.  Her grand opening is November 2nd.  She also has a really awesome rewards program that you don't see very often with small boutiques.  You get a card, she emails you coupons and you receive points for every dollar that you spend!  I highly recommend checking out her on Facebook or if you are local, stop down and see her!  She has a pretty well established higher-end boutique right across the street from her so props to her for setting up shop where she did, she is going to do awesome in our little town!  Congrats Jennie!
got the super cute leopard dress($35) for my upcoming trip to Vegas, the adorable princess sleeve
top($22), & the ultra comfy, perfect for fall, chevron maxi skirt($26) with a cream fringe scarf!


  1. Yes I will be trying that chicken alfredo recipe. Anything that has easy written all over it is for me!! The CNJ style is cute! I'll have to check out more of their clothing :)

    1. Such an EASY recipe!! Let me know what you think!

  2. love it all. snow...eee! the snow pics are beautiful.
    need to try that chicken alfedo recipe. my hubs would love it!!!
    loving the garland too. so much goodness in your 5!!

    1. Awe, thanks for the sweet comment!! And thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Love the Christmas garland - cute! I also may need that chevron maxi skirt...


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