Friday, October 11, 2013

five on friday

One.  The Appointment
My intention was to write an entire post dedicated to the outcome of the appointment, but since I'm just finally getting time to get to my blog, I figured I'd just write about it here.  Wednesday was our first appointment with the fertility doctor.  We've been trying for two years to get pregnant, but after one year of trying, at our age, you're considered infertile, so we are definitely chomping at the bit to get some answers & move forward as quickly as we can.  The appointment was amazing.  Doctor G is so awesome, very knowledgeable, explained things well, & had a great sense of humor.  I felt a seriously huge weight that I didn't even realize was there really after meeting with him.  He went over the results of Joe's semen analysis that he had done last winter, all of his numbers rocked.  What we have decided on is that I will have a laparoscopy procedure done in order to check for scarring that is causing a disconnect between the follicle and the tube.  After that I will start Clomid to boost the production of more eggs, & then I will have an IUI procedure.  Basically artificial insemination.   We are moving along pretty quickly with this entire process and the doctor seems to think that we will be really successful with this.  He doesn't think that we will need to resort to IVF, but that could possibly be an option depending on how things go throughout this process.  I feel really really good about everything, very positive, & happy that we are finally moving forward after these long, very frustrating, & emotionally draining two years.  My biggest hope is that after the corrective surgery is done that we will be able to naturally conceive in the future.  Feeling very blessed this week!

lots of truth to this statement

Two.  New Snack Obsession
These Fiber One Lemon Bars are seriously amazeballs.  I love anything that is lemon flavored, Girl Scout cookies especially.  I saw these on fellow blogger Liz at Fitness Blondie's Instagram a couple days ago & had to try them!  Bonus, they have 20% of your daily fiber & they taste so good. 

Three. Lana Del Ray
I usually don’t switch my radio station (country) at work, but I had wanted to hear 1000 years after the wedding we went to this past weekend, spoiler alert, I never did get to hear it!  But I did hear Lana Del Ray, Summertime Sadness about 100 times this week.  I’ve had a crush on her for a while, but never really gave her music too much of a listen, totally glad that I switched stations for a bit.  Literally, as I started typing this, the song came on.  Gives me the chills, love songs like that. 

gorgeous & has rockin' music!

Four. The Walking Dead
Who else is flippin’ excited for The Walking Dead to start?  I really wanted to try and rewatch the last season on Nexflix, but we seriously have so many other shows going right now I just wouldn’t have time.  Seriously, New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, American Horror Story, Parenthood, Sons of Anarchy, How I Met Your Mother, and the list goes on.  Fall TV is killer right now. (no pun intended J)

<3 this!

Five.  Pumpkins.
If you read this post then you read about my pumpkin prankster who comes by at all hours of the night rearranging my pumpkins in completely ridiculous fashions.  I finally threw in the towel and moved the pumpkins to the back door so that I didn't have to keep rearranging them every day.  Seriously, the mailman would hate me if I left them the way that this prankster set them up.  A couple mornings-ago around 4:30 AM as I'm walking the dog out in front of the house freezing my ass off, I see a new pumpkin on my front steps.  I leave it exactly where it was left & don't touch or move it.  I still leave my other pumpkins at the back door.  Fast forward to yesterday morning, I'm outside at 4:30 AM with the dog freezing my ass off, I look over at my steps and what do I see, 3 new smaller pumpkins that spell out "BOO" one on each step.  They weren't there the night before.  I still cannot figure out who this pumpkin prankster is, but I do appreciate the apology in the form of a couple new cute little pumpkins.  I had small inkling of who it might be, but now I'm really not sure!!  Oh, & yes, I decided to just leave them as they were left when they were dropped off, we shall see what happens!

ps. my mums are awful looking!  so disappointed in them, watered them & they got
some good rain & they look terrible!  throwing them out this weekend :(

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  1. I found you on the link up party. I am sorry to hear about your fertility problems. My girlfriend tired to get pregnant for 4 years and they told her she could not and then all of a sudden she got pregnant. There is hope and I know it will all work out for you guys.. I will be thinking about you guys


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