Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Favorites

Can I just say TGIF! What a week this was, even though I had nothing on my calendar except for dinner plans last night with my mom and cousins, I am exhausted from this week and welcoming the weekend with open arms!  

I'm going to do things a little backwards this week and start with what I'm most looking forward to. This weekend is family camp out on Joe's mom's side of the family and it's something that we do every year Columbus Day weekend.  Joe and I have been going every year now since we started dating back in 2008.  We did have to miss last year, but this year we had nothing else planned and are looking forward to spending the entire weekend there.  I did all of my grocery shopping Wednesday and I started prepping the taco dip and pasta salad, pulling out hats and gloves for the cold nights, and gearing up for mimosas and beer all weekend.  This is a huge family event and it's always so fun and relaxing, really can't wait!

Favorite Moment:
One of my very best blogger, TTC, IVF sisters had her baby girl this week!  Congrats to Beth @ Beth & Harrison Slatery on the birth of their daughter Carter!  I'll let her debut her daughters picture when she's ready, but here is a beautiful photo of mom & dad before baby girls arrival!

Favorite Recipe:
Impossibly Easy Cheeseburger Pie from Betty Crocker.  I love this recipe, it's seriously so easy and fast and simple.  Hamburger meat, shredded cheese, 2 eggs, milk, and Bisquick! And the guys love it!

Favorite Pin:
absolutely love this Free People jacket, do not love the price... boo!

Favorite Quote:
My girl Beth sent me this quote this week and it's just perfect!

Fertility Update:
Sunday is 30 days til FET #2!!  I start Lupron injections on Tuesday and stop BCP on Thursday!  We're getting closer by the minute and we are so busy with life right now it hasn't been the first thing on my mind which I think is OK and might actually be for the best. 

Favorite Funnies:


  1. Seriously one of my favorite recipes!

  2. Girl you know I just love that quote!!! Congrats to Beth! xoxo I hope you have an awesome weekend with the family!!! Happy Friday friend! Praying for you today!

  3. LOL dying over your funnies this week! That cheeseburger pie sounds delish! Hope you have an amazing weekend!

    <3, Pamela

  4. That jacket!! LOVE it!
    Your camping trip sounds sooooo fun! I wish we had an awesome tradition like that!
    Enjoy your weekend, you deserve it!!

  5. Sounds like you have a great weekend planned, enjoy all of it! Love those funnies!

  6. That Cheeseburger Pie sounds like I might need to make it soon! I hope you have so much fun at your family outing this weekend!! Happy Friday!

  7. Always love your funnies, such a good start to Friday! And Sunday, eek! Good luck!

  8. that jacket is gorgeous - i dont even want to know the price! that cheeseburger pie seriously looks delish, i wonder if it would be good with turkey...

  9. That recipe does look amazing, and who doesn't love easy!? Love that jacket too. Happy Friday!

  10. I love that coat!!!! Ummmm I need to make that cheeseburger recipe! That last funny is pretty much the entire blog community right? ;-)

  11. Hope you had fun camping! That is one of my favorite things to do in the fall! Love that quote from your friend too :)

  12. That jacket is gorgeous...I don't even want to know how much it costs!!


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