Thursday, April 02, 2015

IVFx4... July Cycle & Biopsy Results Update

I followed up with my doctor after receiving the news Monday that I had tested negative for the Beta3 Integrin protein needed for the adhesion of the embryo.  Although I had tested negative for the protein at the time of the test, the doctor said that I may actually not be 100% negative for the protein, I may just have it later in my cycle than is necessary for embryo implantation.  He basically told me that my "endometrium is out of phase with my glandular stromal dyssynchrony" meaning that my lining is not synchronized with my hormone levels, but they can fix this.  He said it's actually inconclusive as to whether or not I have the protein. 

He said that they could either treat it as I am negative for the protein, or repeat a cycle, put me on progesterone and redo the biopsy.  He said that there is no downside to treating me as though it is for sure a negative.  He also said that my RPL (recurrent pregnancy loss) came back negative, meaning nothing was found so that is great.  This Beta3 Protein deficiency is the only thing that they can find that is wrong.  He saying that my fertile period is at one time and the embryos are coming at another and it's not lining up.  He also said that is possibly why I miscarried in the past.  He said that they did not identify if I have an implantation issue, but that we should move forward with treating me for the Beta3 Integrin negative protocol.  

At first he said that I would be able to fit in the May cycle, but then we realized that I would not fit into that cycle.  In June there is no cycle because he will be out of town, so that is another reason why I have to wait until July.  He also said that some doctors say it's "hocus pocus" and others say "it's absolutely the reason people don't get pregnant" when I asked why my previous doctor seemed so unconcerned with this when I asked about it.  

So, here is my plan for IVFx4:
April 15th  - Last BCP
Have a period
April 22nd - New BCP
May 8th - Self-administered intramuscular Lupron Depot injection good for 4 weeks.
May 14th - Last BCP
Have a period
3 days after my period start Aygestin for 6 weeks which is for the protein
1st-2nd week of June - Self-administered intramuscular Lupron Depot injection good for 4 weeks.
2nd week of July - baseline/labs 

Although July isn't a really a long way off,  when you're counting the days and months it can really seem like an eternity.  I'm going to make each of these days in my plan my mini-milestones. Although "last BCP" seems relatively insignificant, if I mark it on my calendar and check each of these dates off, these months should go by quickly.  I think between that and moving into the house, summer will go by quickly and we will be nearing July before we know it.   

If you guys recall, this is almost to the exact date, what happened  to me last year.  On April 11, 2014, I went to my previous doctor to have my final baseline before IUI #3, he told me for a second time I had been overstimulated and that the cycle would have to be canceled and I should consider IVF. Unfortunately I was too late to fit into the May cycle so I had to wait until July.  So I already know that if I made it last year and worked through the days and the time passed once, I can certainly get through it again.  I really am so happy to have an answer after all of these years.  I have already waited and longed for this for 3.5 years so another 3 months is really nothing compared to that and if it will get us our miracle, than it is certainly worth the wait!

Although I am chomping at the bit to start this, I know that I need to put it on the back burner, continue with my protocol as the doctor has ordered, and enjoy life.  We are so blessed to have almost finished building our dream home and we have so many other wonderful things to be thankful for.  We've got weddings, we've got birthdays, we've got the bike out and ready to ride, and we finally have beautiful weather to enjoy so I am planning on keeping myself as occupied as possible and enjoying my life!  I will keep the positive energy flowing and the positive vibrations vibin'! 


  1. Sending you all the good vibes girl! 3 more months is going to fly by and like you said, you have so much going on right now and so many amazing things to be thankful for! Those 3 months will be up before you know it girl!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Glad you have a good attitude and are going to try and enjoy the wait. That is definitely not easy, but so glad you have a doctor who helps you have a structured plan! For Type A people like me, I would definitely be grateful for that!

  3. I'm so glad that your doctor has found the issue and a way to fix the issue. Having a plan is half the battle. July will be here before you know it!

  4. I know it stinks to have to wait but at the same time it's almost kind of a relief to know you have this time in between to prepare if that makes any kind of sense! July will be here before you know it :)

  5. Way to keep positive girl! You've got a plan, and it will get you there - having a plan feels good, and you have so many other things to be enjoying in these coming months!

  6. This doctor continues to sound amazing! I hope the months fly by for you and that this coming cycle is the ONE!!!

  7. love your attitude girly, it's so true - 3 months is nothing in the grand scheme of things and i hope it flies by while you are enjoying the here and now.

  8. The wait will be a piece of cake with the move! It sounds like you will be so busy, I'm sure it wont be hard to move your train of thought to decorating :) At night when I close my eyes to sleep is when I ache for baby the most though - so if you know you have a "problem area" like I do, just try not to let your thoughts go there at that time!

  9. Love the positivity! Hoping the time flies by and that you get to the process as soon as possible. :)

  10. I am so glad you are staying positive girl!! July will be here before you know it!!


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