Tuesday, February 23, 2016

We're leavin' on a jet plane...

Wow, I cannot believe a week from today we are already heading in to MARCH!  Time, please slow down!  I am happy to be heading in to the warmer months, although here in Illinois we have had some record-breaking, unseasonably warm temps for February and I’m not complaining about it.  Last Friday and Saturday it was about 60°, usually this time of year we’ve got several inches of snow left on the ground and the temps are in the twenties or so.  Yesterday I actually went out for a 2 mile walk around my neighborhood & it was so nice to get some fresh air!

If you guys remember in my last post (almost a month ago, yikes) I mentioned that we had our consultation appointment for March 21st, well as of today we are about 24 days out from leaving for Georgia.  We decided the flying would probably be the best bang for our buck rather than taking the bike.  March is a tough time of year weather-wise for riding, we don’t want to get stuck in a lot of rain, and we would have to take extra days off of work so we decided flying it is.  I booked our flights with Spirit because the tickets plus a rental car for the 4 days was like $600 and I thought that was a pretty good deal.  Has anyone ever flown with Spirit?  They make you pay for all the extras like bags, seats, sodas, etc. but that is how they save you money on your ticket.  I’d love to hear a review.

Now that we have our itinerary set, Amy (our donor) and I have been making all kinds of plans, of course meeting each other is top of the list, followed by lots of food intake, and probably some cocktails along the way.  We’re hoping for an “adults only” trip to Melting Pot for some yummy fondue and martinis, and we are going to try and squeeze a day in with her kiddos too, depending on her work schedule.  I am so excited to be able to know my donor on this personal level and have a friendship with her.  She and I are both very excited to spend some quality time getting to know each other better. 

So much has changed about the way I feel towards donor eggs.  I remember when Joe and I first started discussing using them there was no way in hell I wanted to know my donor let alone have a relationship with her, I was already so resentful towards anyone who we might choose.  I wasn’t going to tell a soul, especially our resulting child, that we used donor eggs.  The more DEIVF became our reality, and the more that I delved in to the process I became excited to openly share this journey and we definitely will be sharing with our child that they come from a donor, and we will tell them about it at an early age.  It would be unfair to deny them the chance to know where they came from, biologically & what their background and heritage is.  If they want to meet her or wish to know more, then that will be up to them.

Obviously we are in the early early stages of this process and still have some big hurdles to jump.  Our consultation will come first, followed by Amy’s consultation and exam & bloodwork, all of which must be cleared in order for her to qualify.  Once those two things have happened then we can move forward with drawing up our legal contract & making payment for the cycle.  Each of these will be a milestone and will bring us one step closer to starting a cycle!


  1. Wahoo! So pumped friend. I think it's sweet you will get some good one-on-one too. Glad it's ALMOST HERE

  2. This all sounds awesome. I'm glad you are going to get to know your donor and possibly ber kids on a more personal level. Hope you two have a great safe trip. Best of luck!

  3. Can't wait to hear about the trip! It's so close!

    So about Spirit...I have personally never flown but book flights as part of my job. I hear a lot of things like "cattle car" and that Spirit, similar to Frontier, tends to be the flights that get cancelled first if there are issues with weather, other airlines, etc. I'm not saying any of this will happen to you, but my only suggestion would be to be aware of what flights are immediately following your flight (even if it's from another airline, AA, United, etc). Once you are through security, you can switch carriers much easier than prior to checking in.
    I've had to do it in the past, due to cancelled flights, your phone is your greatest resource!! Especially when you can see the seating chart!

    Pack light with Spirit. Like you said, you get charged extra for EVERYTHING, which, can ultimately amount to a cost equal to AA or United.

    Wishing you the smoothest trip though! You guys need a fun little trip!

  4. You know how very excited I am for you, but let me reiterate...YAY! I can't wait for this to result in your precious miracle baby :)

  5. This seems to be coming up really quickly like you said! I'm so glad to know you will be meeting your donor and her family and building the relationship, I can't wait to hear about it!

  6. It is amazing how much you have grown in your thinking towards DE, the importance of biological parents vs parents, etc in such a short amount of time. You are an incredible person and I am so excited for this process to be underway for you.

  7. i have never flown with spirit so i will be interested in how it goes! i have also never eaten at the melting pot, but i drive past one everyday lol. hope the trip goes well!

  8. I love seeing you talk about your transformation with feelings of donor eggs. I dont know how I would feel, but the way you described it was beautiful. Its such a blessing to know your donor, Amy! Good luck girl, and ALL of the baby dust coming to you!

    1. Seems like you've got this all worked out! Excited for this next chapter for you.

  9. How wonderful that you have a personal connection with Amy! I'm happy to hear you have changed your opinion about DEIVF. Lots of happy thoughts your way as this new process begins.

  10. I'm SO excited that things are moving along for you!

  11. I am so happy for you that things are progressing. I think it is wonderful that you want to have a relationship with your donor and that you are excited about the process. Wishing you the best. xo

  12. My grandparents were scheduled to fly Spirit once and they said never again because of the poor service they had and the fact that their flight was cancelled less than an hour before take off.


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