Wednesday, July 27, 2016

8 week Update

How far along?  8w4d

Total weight gain?  Again, no idea.  I go for my first OB appointment on 8/11 and I imagine they'll take my weight at that time & I'll be able to start tracking that.

Maternity Clothes?  None yet

Stretch Marks?  None 

Sleep?  I've been sleeping pretty well.  I'm still always tired, but I did get some Unisom to help on those restless nights if I need it.  

Best Moment this Week?  We had our 8 week ultrasound today and the baby is growing like a weed, finally starting to take some shape and look like a baby! 

Have you told your friends?  Yes of course!  

Miss Anything?  Caffeine, alcohol, hot dogs!

Movement?  Nothing yet but my mom and I got to see the babe wiggling around in today's ultrasound.

Food Cravings?  Not craving anything specific anymore, I'm just hungry all the time so all food sounds amazing.  I am a big candy person so there have been some types of candy that have sounded amazing lately though.

Anything make you queasy or sick?  Nothing!  I've been so blessed to not have any sickness or queasiness at all!

Have you started to show?  Nope, in the above picture the belly is from a brownie a la mode I had!

Gender prediction?  I still think boy!  Gender reveal is set for Labor Day Weekend!! 

Labor Signs?  No

Belly button in or Out?  In

Wedding rings on or off?  On

Happy or moody?  Still pretty moody most days.

Looking forward to?  Next Friday is our last appointment with our RE, I'm sad that I won't see them weekly anymore, but I am looking forward to our 3D ultrasound they're going to do!

At our appointment today (8w4d) baby was measuring at 8w6d and had a heart rate of 169bpm, it's increased each week and our doctor is very happy with how everything is looking.  He says everything is right on track where it should be!


  1. Yay for not being sick at all! You may be completely in the clear with that at this point. And a wiggling baby in the ultrasound... How fun!

  2. Based on that heart rate, I'm guessing girl!

  3. The best <3 So excited for you. The hot dog comment made me laugh ;)

  4. Yesssss!!!!! I love this update. Boys are awesome. But I'm biased. Congrats. I'm so glad you are experiencing this side.

  5. Yay!!! I've been waiting for your bumpdate lol! Glad everything is going so well. I still think you're having a boy- you're so lucky you aren't having morning sickness. The heart rate usually starts increasing around this time and then I believe it's around 12 weeks that it starts leveling and decreasing a bit. I'm 17 weeks and 4 days now. Baby girl's heart rate was high every time it was checked. Last time it was checked was at 16 weeks and 6 days and it was in the 150s (before it was always in the 170s and 160s but I didn't get to hear the heartbeat until around 10ish weeks) and at that time, it should be in the 140-150 range. Ahhh this is all so exciting!

  6. What a beautiful little babe!! So glad things are continuing to go perfectly!!

  7. yay for not being sick and baby progressing right on track and all that jazz.
    you can't have hot dogs?! i'm gonna have to eat my weight in hot dogs so that one day when i'm pregnant i won't miss them haha.

  8. I loved the 8 week US because that's when they really start looking like a baby!

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