Saturday, September 24, 2016

5 Years...

5 years ago on a beautiful September Saturday I got to marry this guy.  I seriously cannot believe that it has been FIVE  years already since we were married.  I remember that day like it was yesterday an it still holds its own as one of the very best, most fun days of my life.  Everything went great, I loved my dress, my flowers, my bridesmaids, and groomsmen, I was so excited to finally be marrying Joe in front of all of our wonderful family and friends. 

Since our wedding we have had so many great memories as a married couple.  We traveled hundreds of miles on the bike, we've cruised, we've built our first dream home, we've camped, we've gone to concerts, and we've also done a lot of just enjoying each other's company at home with our pup and our cat.  Not every day has been perfect or memorable, we live a normal every day life with a pretty boring routine, but that is what marriage is about.  We have stuck together through those mundane days and through the days when things have gotten crazy, hectic, and emotional.  

I definitely thought that we would have kids right away, but we got to enjoy five kid-free years together just being married, being able to go and do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted, and now that is going to change, but in retrospect, I am really happy that we were able to do that for so long.  Now we are going to be starting a new chapter and a new human life will be put first before our own and I can't wait to become a parent with this guy by my side.  I know it will be so hard and such a challenge, but I think it will probably be one of the most rewarding things we will do together.  

Happiest of wedding anniversaries to my love.


  1. As you said, things will change. Howe,always be sure to take time as a couple...kid free. It's easy to lose sight of one another when you focus so much love and energy on a tiny human. The first date away will be the hardest. Start small and build up the time away. You'll be so glad you make time to keep the fires burning ;) Happy anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! I totally wouldn't have wanted all the extra time without a child but now having a child I so appreciate having almost 6 years together first. It has made our relationship so much stronger because we certainly needed it once our little one arrived, it's wonderful but it does change everything!

  3. Congrats again y'all on this awesome anniversary and what a special year to be pregnancy with Baby Ridley! You can look back and remember as you celebrated five years that your baby girl celebrated right there with y'all!

  4. happy anniversary lovely :) i of course wouldn't wish this on anyone, but i am glad you got that kid free time as well. here's to the next 5, 10, 50 years!


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