Monday, January 30, 2017

35 Weeks

How far along? 35w2d
Gender: Girl
Weight Gain? 33 pounds (up to 149, original starting weight was about 116)
Maternity Clothes?  Oh the clothing!  It's certainly a challenge these days.  I'm getting pretty limited but that is ok, not much longer now!  I've been having to wear a pair of moccasins pretty much exclusively because nothing else fits my feet.  All of a sudden last week my ankles and feet started to swell a bit.  I'm not going to invest in any compression wear at this point, I'll just make due. 
Stretch Marks? None!
Belly button in or out?  Flat
Sleep:  A thing of the past maybe?  Really it's still hit or miss, some nights I fall asleep quick and get a good couple hours of sleep before waking up, other nights it takes a long time to fall asleep.  It's hard to get comfortable, my nose is still pretty congested even with the oils and the humidifier, my hands are so tingly (whether I wear the splints or not) that they end up painful to the point that I wake up.  Sleep is just not on my side right now but I guess it's just preparing me for what's to come.
Best moment this week:  This was a busy and kind of rough week.  I believe I just did too much starting with my shower, then Sunday putting all the stuff away, 2 classes (water birth & Infant CPR/newborn care), a doctors appointment, etc. that by Friday I ended up going home sick.  Work has also been pretty hectic trying to get a temp trained as my back up while I'm gone.  We actually went through 3 temps now so this last one that has actually stuck around has probably had the most thrown at her in a very short amount of time.  Definitely will not be coasting through my last few weeks of work like I was planning.  I've just been so exhausted.  I'm feeling a little better now that I got some rest, but this weekend was bit of a whirlwind as well.  The best part was one of my maternity photo sessions yesterday.  We did some really fun things including a milk bath & I cannot wait to see some previews, hopefully this week!
Symptoms:  Difficulty breathing, rib pain, back pain, swollen feet, carpel tunnel/tingling in hands, RLS at night, heartburn, exhaustion, congestion.  Luckily all things that are not serious!  Yes, I am starting to finally feel some of the negative effects of pregnancy, but I made it around 34 weeks before feeling any sort of misery for the most part & for that I am so thankful.  I am however, ready to feel like myself again.
Miss Anything?  A good nights sleep!
Movement?  She's still moving around quite a bit!  She was kind of quiet on Friday and I ended up tracking her movements because I didn't feel like she moved much at all, but she did put in 10 kicks in less than 2 hours.  I tracked her again the following morning & the same, 10 kicks in under an hour if I remember correctly.  Then Saturday night & Sunday she was like a gymnast.  I think she just really knows how to relax just like her mama.
Cravings?  Sweets as usual.  Other than that, nothing really crazy.
Queasy or sick?  Noting at all!
Looking forward to?  This week I have my group b strep test on Friday, so hopefully that all goes well and comes back negative.  If it comes back positive then I have to do 2 rounds of antibiotics when I am in labor but I can still do the water birth.  I'll have to have an IV site but that is fine.  I'm hoping for a quiet week.  Joe starts his few weeks at the nuke plant outage today, luckily they're on 8 hour shifts for now but that soon will increase to 12 hour shifts 7 days a week, more than likely for 2-3 weeks so he will be cutting it closes to Georgia's due date.  We're going to try to get our taxes done & go to dinner with my parents this week as well, lots of that last minute stuff that I know will be put on the back burner when baby comes.  I cannot believe how close we are to her arrival!


  1. You will be amazed how instantly you feel relief the minute she comes out! I could instantly breathe again, it was amazing!! haha

  2. ugh that sucks about the sleep and all the other little annoying things.. like you said, that's awesome you did well for 34 weeks but still, can't be fun! i can't believe how close you guys are as well, hope the rest of it goes perfect :)


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