Monday, January 23, 2017

My Baby Shower

On Saturday we celebrated baby Georgia with a shower.  I never ever knew if I'd get the pleasure to enjoy a shower for my own child.  I've attended and even hosted probably a dozen or so baby showers over our 5 years of TTC and in the back of my mind always wondered if I'd ever get a turn of my own.  

I had a lot of years to think about a shower and what I envisioned it to be.  It's kind of like my registry, I think by about 14-15 weeks I had the majority of my registry done because we had been trying for so long I knew a lot about baby products and brands and what I wanted and what I didn't so it wasn't much different with my shower.  The girls allowed me to participate in the planning because they know I am extreme type-A and that I really do love throwing a good party.  I was thankful they let me sit down with them to help with the planning but I turned most of it over to them & only had to do a few things myself for the day of the shower.

My planning committee consisted of my mom, step mom, and MIL, along with my youngest SIL, and my 3 besties, Jodie, Jen, & Jessica (my tribe of J's) and they all did a seriously amazing job bringing my vision to life!

I shared a few photos and the first question I get asked is where is my dress from.  It's actually custom made from Sew Trendy Accessories and I would HIGHLY recommend them if you're looking for something super fabulous for maternity photos & shower attire.  I debated back and forth about the magenta or the peacock (like a turquoise) but ultimately decided on the magenta which I am so happy that I did.  I went with the Krysten Gown with the boat neck front and back in an XS which was, as you can see in the photos, very form fitting.  I'd highly recommend measuring yourself and emailing them if you're unsure of the size.  I probably could've gotten away with a small too, but the XS worked fine for me.

I knew I wanted a rustic, whimsical, southwestern theme.  I like to mesh things together, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't but in this case I believe that it did.  Every detail was perfect and Georgia and I were showered with so many unbelievable gifts.  I am so thankful to everyone who was able to come and those who weren't, we definitely missed you.

Although I had a lot to do with the planning they did have some surprises for me and all of which I really loved.  Early on in my pregnancy I asked my mom to download Ina May's Guide to Childbirth on her Kindle for me to read.  When I gave it back she ended up reading it too.  In the book there are a  few things that are done by her support group when a woman is going into birth, the first is the Bead Blessing.  A box of loose beads was passed around and each person at the shower was to add a bead to a string, my moms was the first bead, when the bead is strung on it represents a blessing from the person who is adding the bead.  In the end I ended up with a beautiful string of beads to be taken with me to the hospital when I give birth and to eventually be hung in Georgia's nursery so that the blessings are always with us.  Such a beautiful idea!

The second was a tea light placed at each place setting.  Everyone was instructed to take their tea light home and when I am going into labor, everyone is to light their tea light around the same time while Georgia makes her way into the world.  This is done to symbolize support from all of the amazing women who are in my life and who have been so supportive of us on our journey.   The last part was sharing a birth or "bad mom" story (along with the bead blessing) on a piece of paper for me to read through to help prepare me for motherhood.  I got some really great "bad mom" stories and some really great advice from some of the most amazing moms I know so I can't wait to put them into a book to have with me when I'm feeling like I don't know what I'm doing which I'm sure will be most of the time!  

The venue for the shower was at Marien Mae Events.  It's a recently renovated building owned by an amazingly talented woman in our area who also owns a bridal shop.  She is the sweetest and has done some really amazing things in our area since she opened up her shop back in 2011.  This space is relatively new and I think we were only the second event that was held there.  It's such a beautiful space.  It's open, it's got tons of windows with natural light coming in, and she has some really amazing pieces that she allowed us to use like the buffet table and the gift table.

As far as the food & other details we had donut holes, fruit skewers, breakfast pizza, a waffle bar, a hot chocolate bar, and more!  My SIL made me an amazing "naked" cake and the peach, dream catcher, and feathers frosted cookies (she's so talented in the baking department).  We also had a mimosa bar for those who wished to participate!  For the center pieces we used wood slices with these twig teepees that I guess were an absolute pain in the ass to assemble but turned out soo cute!  I had small felt succulents made for the tables & then gave them as a gift to the girls who helped with the shower.  Most of the other decor came from things that we have hanging in the nursery like the teepee shelves, the Georgia June wood slice, and all of the cute quotes in frames.  They hung up some of my favorite onesies too.  Every detail was so perfect.

As you can tell, every detail was well thought out and turned out absolutely perfect!  I am so so thankful to my tribe of girls and everyone who was able to come and help us celebrate our miracle!  


  1. absolutely gorgeous! Stunning. All of it. I love that you have a group of J name friends :) talk about a tongue twister.

    I love seeing/reading all the details. They sure know how to throw a shower!

  2. Your shower was absolutely gorgeous. Miss Georgia is one loved girl. I absolutely love all the details of the shower. The blessing beads and "bad mom" stories are such wonderful, personal touches! I love that.

  3. Gasp! Everything was so perfect and you were stunning! I love that they incorporated some of the things from Ina May. All my friends do the same thing here. We call it a blessingway and they are so so special!

  4. You look fantastic! Your shower looked beautiful and those cookies and cakes look Devine! So happy you has this moment at last!

  5. It was all Beautiful, Elena! You were a vision! I pray you all the blessings to in the world! Angela Dragan

  6. Seriously probably the most beautiful shower I have ever seen! Absolutely love the theme! What sweet sweet thing with the tea lights and beads! As I said on IG, you look gorgeous! Just glowing!!

  7. What a BEAUTIFUL shower!! So excited for you :) I'm 23 weeks this Thursday and already can't wait to meet my little girl! xx

  8. It is all so very beautiful!! You are so deserving of this special treatment for you and your baby girl :) And that dress is gorgeous on you!!

  9. Wow! This was beautiful and we'll deserved.

  10. this shower looks so fabulous! and i can see why everyone was asking - that dress seriously looks amazing on you. gorgeous colour!

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