Monday, July 17, 2017

Lark Adventurewear

As you may know there are tons of amazing baby clothing lines out there today.  Everything from big-name brands to smaller independently owned shops who are carving out their niche in the world of baby fashion.  Recently I received a piece from Lark Adventurewear and I cannot begin to tell you how amazing this little romper is.

First off, the fabric is eco-friendly and contains no chemicals or synthetic fabrics which is an instant win for us.  It's also unbelievably soft and my favorite and most functional detail about this romper is the kimono opening which makes putting this outfit on a serious piece of cake.  It also buttons at the bottom with 4 buttons so diaper changes are quick and easy!  I wish there was a way for you guys to be able to feel how soft and stretchy this material actually is! 

We put Georgia in this in the evening so she could play in it for a bit and also sleep in it.  The fabric is moisture-wicking so it kept her cool and dry, something that we definitely like to have right now since she is beginning to drool quite a bit.  She actually had a pretty bad drool rash on her neck, chin, and chest which we were able to heal with some hydrocortisone.  I was happy to be able to put an outfit on her that I knew wouldn't irritate it more since she was starting to itch at it, I knew it was bothering her.  This outfit was perfect to help with her rash. 

I'm seriously obsessed with this romper and cannot wait to get my hands on the colorblock footie in vintage floral, such a cute print!

You can get free shipping on any purchase using code SHIPPING at checkout!


  1. Such a cute romper! I love the kimono style :)

  2. Its adorable and the model is pretty cute too ;)

  3. Your model is to die for! And I love and appreciate any clothes that make emergency changes fast and easy!

  4. So lovely! Love your blog, following now! xx

  5. i am way too obsessed with baby clothes for someone who doesn't have a baby so i'll have to remember this brand! love the kimono style opening!


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