Thursday, May 03, 2018

FET for Baby #2

I wanted to give you guys a quick update on our plans for baby number 2!  I've been sharing quite a bit of this on Instagram, but if you don't follow me there then you may not be familiar with the saga the ensued several months ago. 

Back in the fall our donor sent me a text saying that she had been trying to get ahold of the IVF coordinator at the clinic we went through because her regular doctor wanted her medical records from the procedures she had as a donor.  She said she had been emailing her and getting no response.  I told her I'd try to contact her via email saying I wanted to start an FET (even though we were nowhere near ready) I thought that maybe there would be more of a sense of urgency for her to reply to someone wanting to start a cycle, well I never heard from her either.  We both got pretty fired up about it and my donor actually reached out to their main office in Atlanta and was finally able to get a response from the IVF coordinator. 

I knew that because of this communication situation I wanted to get into contact sooner rather than later with the clinic so we could make sure all bases were covered in a timely fashion.  I emailed her in the middle of January and figured she'd get back to me within a few days.  10 days later I still had not received and email so I decided to contact the Atlanta office (the same lady my donor had) and within the hour had a response from the coordinator.  She gave me some bs excuse as to why she hadn't responded to my previous email, but she has been in quick and constant contact with me since.  

So in order for us to proceed I have to be completely weaned off of breastfeeding which I've been for about 2 months now.  I also have to have 2 normal cycles and since my period came back at 4 months PP, I knew that wouldn't be an issue.  I've actually had both of my normal cycles after weaning so realistically we could be cycling right now for a May transfer, but that's actually a little sooner than anticipated.  So instead we will be waiting until mid-summer (hopefully July) before we actually transfer.  A part of me would really love to transfer as soon as possible, but since we have some control of when this happens, another part of me would like to wait a little bit longer so that this baby would be born in Spring rather than in winter like Georgia was.  It may seems silly but winter in Illinois is a really crappy time to be off for maternity leave and also leaves very little options when it comes to birthday parties! 

I am excited to hopefully get pregnant again, but I’m really not looking forward to the prep for the cycle.  I am already obsessing over the calendar counting days and trying to figure out dates.  We do have to travel on a plane out of state for this to happen so for us the sooner we know, the better, however we don't have much say because it's all dictated by my body so we can't really be booking any flights or anything like that yet.  If my calculations are correct we could be transferring the 3rd week of July somewhere between the 17th & the 20th (see, obsession) which would give us an end of March, early April baby.

The biggest downside of the process this time around is that we no longer have infertility treatment coverage so the monitoring ultrasounds will not be covered, the transfer won't be covered, and some of the meds won't be covered.  Luckily, just like last time, I have already had all of the meds I need donated by some of the amazing women from our Instagram community.  I also opened an HSA account with our new insurance plan and fertility treatments are considered to be "qualified" medical expenses and can be paid for out of that account.  My company contributes $1300 a year into the account so there is some relief even though our full coverage benefits that we had before were definitely better.

I am definitely excited for what is to come for our tribe.  We have 5 frozen babes on ice and I'm very hopeful that our transfer will work and we will be bringing home baby number 2 next spring!


  1. Oh my gosh July 20!!!! Do it! I just got chills, that’s our date too! We just paid $5k out of pocket for our upcoming transfer... makes me so fired up as to why insurance can’t cover it ughhhh

  2. I am so excited for baby number two!! We just started talking about it too! We don't have coverage at all and have to come up with 3,500 in the next few weeks to even get things started. It's so frustrating!!!

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