Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Warm Weather Favorites

Guys the warm weather has finally decided to stick here in Illinois!  Yay!  Winter seriously lingered here FOREVER this year and it was so frustrating.  All it brought was an extended period for people to be sick, and lots of stir crazy adults and kids ready to get outside and start enjoying spring.  Our girl is a total outside chick.  She just loves to be outside.  My parents take her outside when it's nice out pretty much all day.  They do a lot of bike rides, trips to the park, and playing in the yard so she is just used to being outdoors.  She also gets a lot of time outside with her friends at daycare.  At our house we finally got some things set up in the backyard for her and she's having a ball so far.  I am rounding up some of my summer must-haves for you guys today.  Some things we have gotten to play with and some we haven't yet but we are itching to!

Little Tikes Hide and SeekClimber and Swing
So for some reason, this combo is not on Prime anymore, but the slide is and here is a similar swing.  We got this as a Christmas gift and it sat in our basement for the winter, but it's perfect for outdoors!  The slide is a little slick and steep but the swing is low enough that she can get herself in and out which she loves.  Miss independent.  

Everyone swears by water tables and there are so many out there to choose from.  I thought this one was cute and I thought the price was right.  I don't think you can go wrong with ANY water table though.  So far I made a good choice, G loves putting the balls down the spiral.
Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox 
Little Tikes really nails it on their products.  This turtle sandbox was something that we had as kids & my mom reminded me of it.  I ended up getting mine off of Facebook Marketplace for $20 full of sand and toys.  

Big Mouth Ginormous UnicornYard Sprinkle
This one I am so excited for.  It was a huge pain in the ass to find because after Scary Mommy shared the article, Target sold out of them multiple times but they appear to be in stock now.  My SIL was also on the hunt for the same sprinkler and ended up finding a pre-order for it from Perpetual Kids so we both ended up scooping it up there.  I cannot wait to set this thing up in our yard for the summer.

Giotto Kids Swim Water Shoes
So we live on a small river, it's very rocky and mid-summer you can usually walk all the way across it because it's so dry.  Lots of kayaking and river rafting goes on on this river in fact our neighbors operate a river rafting business.  I wanted something that G can wear when she goes to explore this summer in the water to protect those tiny little feet.   She also has been wearing these at daycare too when they play outside.

Stearns Puddle Jumper InfantLife Jacket
This was another must-have for us being that we live near water.  Our family also does a lot of kayaking and my dad has a speed boat that we take out on the Illinois River so a life jacket is something we will get a lot of use out of. 

Swimways Baby Spring Float SunCanopy
I shared this last year and on our vacation recap but this is seriously probably the best $20 I have ever spent on baby gear.  We have gotten a ton of use from this.  We took it to the Dells, we used it on vacation, and we used it all summer in my aunts pool.  We'll definitely use it again this year in her pool as well. 

Intex Gator Inflatable PlayCenter
Although we have a family member with a pool, I'd still like to get Georgia something to enjoy at home too, especially on weekdays when we don't have time to make it to my aunts.  Pairing this with her unicorn sprinkler and water table would make for a perfect little water play area right in her own back yard.

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  1. Bowen always loved that water table, but then again he likes playing in any water period!! haha She seems so big all of the sudden!

  2. I love this list. We have been on the look out for that swing slide combo.....

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