Monday, January 28, 2019

Current Toddler Favorites

As requested I'm giving you a round up our current toddler favorites in the Ridley household.  We are not huge fans of tons of toys, but we do keep a small rotation out in our living space for Georgia to play with.  Toddlers attention spans are pretty short so I like to keep a variety of different things out for her.  I've linked everything for you, either the version we use or something similar. 

The biggest item and probably the most played with is her play kitchen.  She was gifted this by my SIL before she was even born and began playing with it very early on, she would use it to practice her standing and cruising.  We moved it upstairs and it is easily her favorite.  She loves to open and close the doors, and loves to use the utensils and flatware to set our dining room table.  She also loves this Peppa Pig tea set.

We also recently got her this Minnie Mouse Vanity and she loves it so much!  She loves to sit at the little stool & play with her play faux make-up from Little Lily Love on Etsy!

These flashcards are something that I bought her for Christmas, they were just a couple bucks and we've had pretty good success with them so far.  Some days it's more of a 52 pick up than it is learning words, but for the most part I can get her to play along my way for 5-10 words before she is on to something else.

Our current favorite cup is this mini hydroflask.  If you've followed me for awhile you know my disdain for cups.  There are not many that truly don't leak and we have tried many brands.  The hydroflask does a pretty good job, but what I like best is it keeps her drink cold for the longest amount of time.  We also like Twistshake baby sippy cups (use code LENARIDLEY20 at checkout for 20% off) and Camelback but you do have to bite the straw on these to get the liquid so it took us a little while to get this one figured out.

We bought Georgia the cheapest Amazon Fire tablet with this cute foam case and it's been a hit for her.  It is pretty slow I will admit, but I got it for $30 on Black Friday so I didn't have super high expectations for it anyway.  We do have an original iPad mini but since it is so old it doesn't take updates anymore and also runs pretty slow.  I was torn but didn't feel like spending several hundreds of dollars on an iPad for a toddler so this works perfect for our needs.

Georgia's new favorite thing to do is "wash" she loves to wash her hands in the sink and play in the water.  However it's kind of obnoxious to constantly do over and over.  For her birthday we got her this Wash-up kitchen sink.  The sink pumps real water and it comes with a bunch of dishes to wash.  I'm certain this will become one of her new favorites.

I've shared these a few times on my Instagram, but these Crayola Color Bath Dropz have been a huge hit!  I've had to limit her to 2 of them per bath because she is obsessed.  They come with blue, yellow, and pink but you can mix the colors to make purple, green, and orange as well.  They're completely non-toxic as well which is important I think for most of us.  This container has 60 fragrance free tablets.  Also these do not leave stains!

The toy Dyson was also a big hit with Georgia as she loves to vacuum and loves anything with buttons.  I had trouble getting this at first around Christmas because it was sold out everywhere but eventually came back in to stock just in time.  Best thing about it is it has real suction so your kid will literally be helping you clean while they play.  It's freaking genius!

These are some of our current favorites but I'd love to hear what you all are loving in your homes now too.  As we know toddlers lose interest so fast and we are always open for new and fun ideas!  

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  1. It's straight up trains and trucks in our house! I want to try those bath tablets for sure, that looks like fun.


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