Monday, March 04, 2019

Easy Teeth Whitening at Home

If you're a parent you know how hard it can be to get things done for yourself.  We often times put ourselves on the back burner and tend to put our families first.  I know for me I do because I can never seem to find the time to take to do certain things for myself.  Getting my hair done for instance takes a lot more planning and coordinating than it did before I had Georgia.  One of my favorite quotes and things I try to remember as a mother is "you can't pour from an empty cup" basically meaning, taking care of others requires taking care of ourselves too.  

Once the responsibility of a tiny human being became my norm, I learned quickly how hard it would be to do the simplest things that I clearly used to take for granted.  Every "quick trip" to the store practically became a carefully orchestrated marathon that took hours vs. deciding on a whim I needed something and "running in" quickly to grab what I needed.  The point is, once children come into our lives, finding time to do certain things becomes a challenge.  

One of the things that we can do for ourselves that is actually pretty easy is teeth whitening!  For me it was something I needed desperately to do but just couldn't justify the cost of having it professionally done and I knew it was something I'd rather do at home.  My teeth were definitely due for a refresher.  I hadn't whitened them in a few years and being a daily coffee drinker & a red wine drinker my teeth were definitely stained and in need of some TLC.  

With Smile Brilliant I was able to achieve a whiter smile in just a matter of a couple weeks.  What I loved about it was that these weren't sticky strips that you struggle to fit on your teeth only to have them slide off.  With Smile Brilliant you actually get a mold kit sent to you so that your trays fit your teeth perfectly.  The kit also has whitening gel and desensitizing gel which is applied after each session.  Once you make your molds you send them in a prepaid package and within about a week you have your own trays as long as there are no issues with your molds.  

Smile Brilliant recommends whitening at night before bed so each night I would put my trays on before I put Georgia to bed.  It worked best because the trays are left on for 45 minutes to 3 hours max so I'd put them on about an hour before my own bedtime and basically forget they were even on while I would put Georgia down.  Then I'd apply the desensitizing gel for 15-20 minutes before going to bed.  There were a few times that I whitened during the day, I just made sure that I didn't eat or drink anything for about an hour after and I stayed away from red wine & darker foods while I was in the process.  For coffee I would drink iced and through a straw so that it didn't hit my teeth as often. 

Although it did take a little commitment, I liked how easy the whitening process was.  At first I was a little nervous about all of the steps of the process and if I would actually be able to commit to it, but overall it worked out really well and I am happy with my results.  I think the hardest part was making the molds and even that part of it turned out to be pretty easy.  You just have to read the directions first and take your time.  I did end up with a little gum sensitivity which is totally normal in the teeth whitening process.  I was able to put Vasaline on my gums before I put my trays in and that protected my gums from the whitening gel and helped with the feeling I was getting.  You can also use coconut oil to protect your gums if need be.

like I said, I needed this bad.

This was one of those things I decided to do for myself.  It made me feel better about my smile and overall more confident. It was a fairly easy process and a fairly easy way to practice a little self-care while still doing my job as a mom.  I am so excited to be giving away a whitening kit to one lucky winner.

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