Friday, August 23, 2013

Five on Friday

One. My handcrafted wine rack
If you follow me on Instagram (@lenaridley) or you’re friends with me or Joe on Facebook, then you’ve probably already seen the awesome wine rack that Joe made for me when he was off on Tuesday.  He brought the pallet home several months ago & told me he would make something for me, so I’ve been bugging him for it for a while now.  I’ve had a lot of stuff going on at work & being the thoughtful man that he is I got a sweet text from him along with a picture of the finished product & he totally cheered me up.  I can’t believe how awesome it turned out.  We are well aware that the horseshoe is upside down & “loosing its luck”, but for both of us, it’s more about aesthetics than superstition.  I love the rustic look of it.  Props to my talented & creative husband for his creation.

seriously, how awesome is this?!  happy to report the horseshoe is right side up now!

Two. Turbans
I’m always on the lookout for different types of headpieces to wear on the bike, whether it’s a headband, bandana, beanie, or my latest Etsy find, these turbans.  I did a search for “turbans” and came across Rum Raisin who happened to have a Grab Bag special, 3 turbans for 11.95, which is cheaper than buying just one of their regular priced pieces.  They will pick the colors for you, but seriously, they are all adorable.  What I like about them is they’re wider so my ears will be covered if I want them to be.  Can’t wait to try them out next weekend for our camping trip.

Three. Peaches & Blueberries
Hyvee has had some truly awesome fruit lately, they had white peaches on sale last week & blueberries on sale for a $1.48, I’ve been mixing them together at work lately for my breakfast & I love the taste of them together.  It’s sweet enough to satisfy my sugar craving, but healthy enough at the same time that I’m not kicking myself in the end.

Four. Our Anniversary
Tomorrow we will be one month shy of our 2 YEAR anniversary.  I cannot believe that our wedding was almost 2 years ago.  It kind of makes me sad actually.  I remember like it was yesterday, sometimes I wish I could relive it, it was everything I wanted it to be if not more.  Last year we renewed our vows at an awesome biker bar & spent the weekend in Galena, you can read about it here (some of the pics are missing?!).  We don’t have any plans to go out of town this year (as far as I know), but I have started brainstorming a few things.  I’m pretty set on his big gift, but I’ve also already picked up some minor touches for what I’ve got planned that I know he will love.

love this pic of Joe checkin' out my dress <3

Five. VEGAS baby!
One of Joe’s lifelong friends Matt & his finance Kassi decided to tie the knot in Vegas this November & we are so excited to tag along & help them celebrate!  I’ve never been to Vegas & Joe hasn’t been there since he was 17 so he really didn’t get to enjoy it much.  We just booked our flight this week & I’m already thinking about what I should pack.  After talking with Kassi about her plans, it sounds like they’re going to get married (by Elivs???) & we’re just going to party it up & celebrate the entire weekend.  Can’t wait!


  1. Ahhhh you are going to have so much fun in Vegas!!! And I love blueberries & peaches 2 fave fruits! I hate it when peaches are out of season and I have to wait until next year to get some....
    Stopping by from today's link up! =)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! There's nothing like in season peaches or any fruit for that matter, going to have to eat as much as possible before winter is here!

  2. Your wine rack is amazing!! Way to go! And I just purchased my first "turban" headband this week from Urban outfitters, love them!

    1. Thank you, that's my husband he's very crafty! I hope I enjoy the turbans as well they look so cute! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love your wedding picture,love your turbans too
    Hope you can visit my Five on Friday


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