Monday, August 26, 2013

our adventures

Another amazing weekend for the books!  It kind of happened out of nowhere since Joe has been working most Saturday's lately and only worked Thursday & Friday this week, we weren't planning on him having the day off, but he did.  Friday night he didn't get home from work until after 9, but told me he would have Saturday off.  We had talked with Jodie and Jon about a month or so ago about coming to see them for the LaFayette Jazz Fest so we decided last minute to make the trip.

We packed up the bike again & hit the road about 1 in the afternoon.  It was a perfect day for a ride.  We got to LaFayette about 5, got ready, and headed downtown about 7.  Mike Milligan & Steam Shovel who plays at Starved Rock every year was going to be playing so we were pretty pumped to be able to see them. They're actually from Kokomo Indiana & we've been wanting to see them play in their home state for quite a while now.  It was a blast.  Downtown LaFayette is really nice, it's clean, & friendly.  Not too big or too crowded.  We sampled some local brew & watched a few different sets.  It was a good time.  Very relaxing & fun.  We got home a little after 10 & had a bon fire.  The kids both fell asleep in their chairs outside so we decided to call it a night.  

Sunday morning we hung out, drank coffee, watched TV and chit chatted a bit before hittin the dusty trail. We left Indy around 11.  Our plan was to stop in Bloomington on the way home & visit with Joe's little sister Delaney who just moved there to attend my alma mater, ISU.  I love Bloomington.  It's a fun town with lots of great bars, restaurants, stores, & more.  We had been having bike problems all morning so we ended up stopping at the Harley store to see if we could get a part we thought we needed.  We got the part, but it ended up not fixing the problem.  It was aggravating because the problem was causing us to have to ride at a slower speed, on the shoulder, in the 95 degree heat.  By this point it was after 1, we were starving, hungry, and irritated so we stopped at Destihl, a local brewery and restaurant with some pretty amazing food.  Seriously, jalapeno infused bacon, deep fried, & drizzled with a maple glaze?!  Yes it's as phenomenal as it sounds.  We had a couple cups of the beer cheese soup, some pretzels, & of course some beer samples.  We ended up meeting Delaney for Coldstone & then went to see her apartment.  We finally got back on the road around 3.  We continued having problems with the bike so we got off the interstate & took the highway home instead.  

Joe contemplating which beer to taste first

seriously, jalapeno infused, deep fried bacon with maple glaze, beer cheese soup & pretzels! heaven!

birthday cake remix!

little SIL enjoying her icecream!

I can't believe this is the last week of August.  This summer has seriously flown by.  This heat that we have forcasted is definitely kind of disappointing since now I'm in gear for fall after the cool weather that we've had earlier this month.  We've got one more bike trip planned for this weekend.  One that we both really look forward to because we bring all of our camping gear with us & we're planning to hit a couple of our favorite places like Galena, but also checking out some new places as well.  Fingers crossed that Joe can get the bike fixed!

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