Monday, May 19, 2014

My Go-To Products

I don't do many posts like this because this blog is really about my infertility journey, but since we are playing the longest waiting game of my life right now #53moredays, I thought maybe I could change it up for once. I don't really consider myself "hip" to new product trends, I tend to stick to what I really love.  There are a few things that I just can't live without and use on a daily basis.   

One.  It's A 10
This stuff has been a life saver to my hair for years.  I used to wear extensions all the time, both weaved or glued in and my hair was beyond damaged, but I didn't care because I thought I looked better with long hair. Then I grew up a little bit and realized I was just ruining my already thin, fragile, hair so I took them out forever, bought clip-in ones for when I really wanted some extra volume and length & started to take better care of my hair.  Between this stuff and prenatal vitamins, my hair is the healthiest it's ever been.  This stuff has 10 benefits that help strengthen hair and a little bit goes a long way.

Have you heard about teenagers "Beezin"?  That means that they put Burt's Bees on their eye lids that supposed to make them feel high or drunk... I just don't get this generation.  I mean I only graduated high school 10 years ago and we didn't have anything of the sort, just your standard alcohol, pot, and other drugs, not bath salts and Burt's Bees... just crazy!  Anyway, this stuff is da bomb diggity.  It works so well.  I really can't use any other chap stick when I have dry lips.  I would say we keep about five sticks all over the house.  Even husband likes it.

Three.  OPI Avojuice
I have raved about this lotion before and I always will.  I love the array of scents and I love that I can put it on my hands and go directly back to my keyboard without covering it in grease.  No other lotion does that as well as OPI.

I know I've mentioned this product before as well.  This is probably one of the newest products I've started using but I will use it forever.  The downside is the price, but a little goes a long way and if you can catch it on a sale then you're good to go.  It smells awesome, it's light, and it's worth the price.  Moisturizing is one of the most important things you can do for your skin.  The only downside is there is no SPF in it.  

I jumped on this band wagon a few months ago and I'm so glad that I did.  The "stipple" technique is how you use this product that basically means dabbing it to blend it in rather than sliding that sponge all over your face creating lines.  I bought mine in a kit that comes with cleanser that I actually do use about every other week.  I used a stipple brush prior to this sponge, but I definitely love the sponge more.  


  1. OMG I loved your products. Question is the Its a 10 is it better than the Morrocan Oil I'm debating. And I'm planning on buying clip in extensions because after I cut my hair so short I can't deal with it lmao. (I'm crazy like that)

  2. Nice list. Thank you for sharing some of your go to collection.

  3. I just got a beauty blender and I absolutely love it!

  4. TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH IT'S A 10. My friend(who also happens to be my hairstylist) used it in my hair once and I was in love. Have you tried the deep conditioner? My hair is SUPER thick, LONG and wavy, which means it's also FRIZZY. This stuff totally helps with that. Also, the beauty blender. CHANGED MY LIFE.

  5. i want to try the its a 10, my hair is so fine and limp and been through too much. i also really want to try clip in hair extensions!! haha. i have never heard of 'beezin' wtf? seriously? kids are weird. and i really want a beauty blender, but i've tried so many other similar products, and i always go back to using my hands / fingers. not sure why.

  6. My hair is so fine and thin, I've tried everything to get it to thicken up. I use the It's A 10 Miracle Leave In and I love it! It doesn't thicken my hair but it makes it so soft! I have clip in extensions too but I haven't worn them in months...maybe I should start again! I've never tried that OPI lotion but I think I need to!

    <3, Pamela

  7. I have been debating on getting the It's a 10, I have been seeing it a lot lately but wasn't sure if it really helped. Guess I need to go ahead and try this stuff out :)

  8. The It's a 10 is one of my favorites! I have the Miracle Leave In + Keratin, but my very favorite is the miracle shine spray!

  9. oh how I love it's a 10 and a beauty blender! Great picks!

  10. I will have to look into these - thanks for sharing!!

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  12. OPI Avojuice!? What is this! I need!


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