Thursday, May 08, 2014

Positive Attitude, Positive Outcome

To me, this is the key.  One thing I’ve noticed is a common theme of the comments that I receive on my blog is that my readers really take notice in how positive my attitude is.  Although it is not always easy to be as positive as I am, anything different would be detrimental to the success of this journey.  Negativity, stress, those are the things that can completely ruin everything that we’ve worked so hard for & I absolutely refuse to put our success in jeopardy. 

For the protection of our success I have had to distance myself from many things; people, places, situations, etc. and #sorrynotsorry but I am avoiding any kind of risk on we could encounter on this path.   If I feel like someone’s attitude is bad or I get any kind of negative vibes from a person, place, or situation, then I avoid it.  There will always be times that you can’t avoid those things, but I can damn well try.  This hasn’t been too challenging so far, but I am always prepared to say NO to something if it’s going to be anything less than a positive experience. 

The way I see it is, if something doesn’t go as we planned it or how we’d like it to then we have two options.  One is to take some time to mourn the situation, be mad, angry, upset, cry, scream, let it out, then promptly GET OVER IT, and move forward.  Or two, stay sad, angry, mad, upset, cry every day, get stuck in a rut & never get over it.  That is exactly what I refuse to do.  There is no success, there is no progress if you don’t learn from the letdowns and move forward with the journey.

rule to live by.
Liz @ Fitness Blondie reminded me that there is always more “heart” to a journey than what people will always show or say.  Sometimes we leave out the true meat of the story.  What we truly felt vs. what we tell people that we felt.  I think that I’ve been pretty honest and open about the “heart” of our journey.  I think it’s so important to share not only the good, but the bad with people.  For me to say that I don’t get jealous with every pregnancy announcement I hear would be a lie, I do get jealous, but I know how to deal with that & I have learned to be sincerely happy for those expectant friends as well.   For me to say that I didn’t cry the entire hour-drive home from Bloomington when we had to cancel another IUI would be a lie.  I cried that night, I cried the next day, I wallowed in my sorrows on my couch, I didn’t answer my phone, but after a day or so of this I got up, got ready, and started over. 

The advice I would give to anyone on this journey is to be open and honest with your feelings, deal with them, don’t repress them, don’t deny them, feel them & learn from them.  Don’t disconnect yourself from the world for too long.  Occupy your mind with something positive, & count your blessings.  This is probably the hardest thing because I know for me, pregnancy and baby is all I think about everyday 24/7, it’s on my mind.  I try my best to think of the other good things we have going on in our lives, like building our house, which I can focus a lot of my attention to, especially over the next two months while we wait for July to come.

Staying positive for me now has just become second nature.  I accept the outcomes of our appointments and procedures, not always with open arms, but with that awkward hug you give to the person that you don’t really like, but you do it anyway.  Staying positive will also inspires others and that is part of the reason that I share our story.  To show people that it’s not always easy, but it is possible to have a good attitude about your situation.


  1. These are seriously great quotes to live by. I need to print out that happy quote and post it on my wall at work! :)

    <3, Pamela

  2. i love all of these. i really need to get rid of my negative attitude sometimes, its crazy. i love that 'dont unpack and live there' - that is so me sometimes. i love how you compared it to giving a hug to someone you dont really like - i cant pretend to understand, and i know a blog is a blog and i dont know you in real life, but i think you come across very positive and happy and all the good things. it makes me root for you ;)

  3. You are so right! This journey is so very hard but the less stress and negativity the better. Plus no one wants to be around a person who is negative ALL the time, it's just no fun nor is it helpful. :)

  4. I'm a complete positive patty and I just don't understand how others can live so negativly. I hope and know things will work out. I don't stress or worry about the future, because really, worrying does nothing. I've learned that I need to keep positive people in my life and let go of the people that stress me out because I ALWAYS have to have the positive attitude. It's draining, and not worth it.

    Keep on keeping on lady! :)

  5. Once again.... Love your attitude! Great post.

  6. Positivity I think makes a HUGE difference. I really believe that. I also believe it is important to allow yourself some tears and time to process things. You're doing a great job and I am sure a lot of people are inspired by you!

  7. I love that you're so positive but still take the time to feel the emotions and deal with them. A lot of life is how you choose to look at the glass...half full or half empty. I'm so glad you have such a strong support system and are able to be such an inspiration to others yourself!!!!

  8. You are the epitome of inspiration. I thank God that I met you and I've been trying to wonder how was it that I found your page but I'm just grateful that I did. It's to your posts that I have kept my head high, learned how to cope with all this and have a positive mind. I should do the same as you and just separate myself from negative people. Keep up with your beautiful posts. I know God will bless you in no time. This is your year, your time to shine. xoxo

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